Non-drop Timecode?


I’ve got a somewhat complex video sequence in an NLE (Premiere Pro) that is being worked on in non-dropframe. I’m trying to use LW to add some CG elements and these have to be synched carefully with the video work.

  I noticed LW has an option to use timecode instead of frames, and to set the initial frame's timecode.  This would have been very handy, but for one thing.  I go to frame 00:00:59:29, and step to the next frame, and LW thinks it is 00:01:00:02.  This would be correct for dropframe, but not for non-dropframe.
  I can't find an option to change LW to use non-dropframe.  Is this a program limitation or am I just missing something?
  btw, just in case Newtek is reading this, I should point out that LW is not using the correct notation for timecode.  If it is dropframe, which it appears to be, it should be printed with semicolons, not colons.  According to industry standards:
  00:00:59:29 + 1 = 00:01:00:00
  00;00;59;29 + 1 = 00;01;00;02
  ...if I am not mistaken.

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