Non-deforming textures in Maya


After struggling with animating booleans which didn’t give me the desired results,I’m resorting to getting help here :). I am trying to make a rig for a character currently with a mouth that does not affect the uv placement on that part of the mesh and cannot figure this out in Maya,but I have seen it done numerous times with other programs


what kind of mouth, modeled? textured? Simple?
There is a lot of missing information here.

Can you attach an example of what you are trying to achieve or a screen shot of your current rig.

There are a number of ways to do a lot of things in Maya, but without knowing these keys parts of information it’s not going to be very helpful to you.


The mouth is fully textured,it has a flat face with planar UV mapping at the moment,I can post pictures when I get home


Here is an example of what I want to be able to do in Maya
this was done in C4d by animating a boolean(or the C4D alternative to a boolean) as the vertices move, the texture doesn’t change, I can animate a boolean in maya I just can’t animate a smoothed boolean and really this is a bad way of doing it


there are at least 4 different ways to do this. And yes Booleans are not either of the ways.

You can do the same thing with Lattices, or with Blendshapes (two completely different methods in that as well). Both are a lower overhead CPU cost than trying to animate Booleans. You can also do it with Bones/Joints =)

I will see if I can post a sample up in either later today or tomorrow, Showing all 3 methods.

Really it comes down to what you are going to do with the object? is this for a game, personal render, just learning how to rig, etc… That has a lot more bearing on how something is rigged and what you can get away with.


Also if you don’t want the Texture to move at all, there are ways to do that as well. In short there are a ton of options open to you. It really comes down to what you need this for and what you are going to do with it.


I want the texture to follow that face of the mesh and not be affected by the opening/movement of the mouth,and it is for a rig for a video series


The Attached file should be more or less what you are attempting to achieve. I got a bit cute with it, only to show that it could be done in a non standard manner.

The texture however I did a simple Cylinder Map and I am setting the input order to do the UVs after the deformers. This is the key trick to the method.

For the Facial Deforming I am using wire deformers. and the Teeth are controlled with a Node setup with a Multiply Divide Node to allow for the adjustment of the range for the Teeth.

I did a fast animation to test all of it out.

This should meet all the requirements that you were looking to do.


How were you able to move the texture position below the other inputs? I wasn’t able to do so with the all inputs list (mmb + drag)


If it’s not too complex of a UV setup you can re do the UV and select the check box that says apply Before/After Deformers.

I would experiment with the Deformation order. Without seeing the mesh that you are working or seeing the input list all I can do is offer some suggestions and show examples on how I might solve the issue.


I know this thread is super old. But I am in need of the exact same help. I don’t see any attachments in your post and would love to see how you did it as well.