Noise Shader Movement setting not working


Here is the example project where i want to animate the noise shader to be moving let’s say from left to right endesless so there is option called Movement and speed… But it seems to do nothing. PLease help. I do remember that it worked fine but do not know what is happening now.

noise movement problem.c4d (312.8 KB)


Maybe this will help ?


Thank you for your reply here but I meant this function option:

Do you know why this set up does not move the noise to the direction of the selected axis please?


You need to set the “Offset” at frame 0 and a higher value at final frame.

Speed.c4d (161.9 KB)


Thank you for your help here but you solved that by really just offseting texture that could be nice trick though but i need to solve my problem with Movement and Speed settings which now do nothing, does anyone know here what those settings do and how they can be set uo?

Here is the right situation I mean by this thread: