Noise expression or Noise Relation Constraint node?



I’m trying to add camera shake to an existing camera move and found this thread using Search. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything else discussing this topic.

I’ve tried using the Random object in the Relations Constraint pane and, while it does successfully randomize values on a transform channel, it does so only on the frame of frequency specified. In other words, if I tell the Random object to choose a random number every 5-frames, it correctly adjusts the number every 5-frames, but it does so in a way where the frames between each value-change is held (in animation terms). It is essentially changing values in “stepped” mode, rather than “spline”. Thus, the transform snaps to the new values, rather than smoothly transitions to each one.

In Maya, I’ve used the Noise function, which outputs random values, but smoothly blends between each one. Is there a Noise object or expression function in Motionbuilder? Or, could I somehow use the Random object but just adjust a setting?

Thanks for any help.


There might be some Guru’s here that might know how to do this… but personally i don’t know how to accomplish this just with MB.

a secondary way might be to create a node with the shake you want, import it into MB, then link the camera to it.