Node Problems


Hi. I am trying to follow the tutorial about “rigging” the character “Butch”.
Everything works fine, untill I try to do this: (Next, select the Hand_Left bone and turn on Calculate IK for it, then select IK_Goal_Hand_Left for its Goal. You should notice that the arm will jerk over to the null as soon as you do that.)

When I try this, nothing happens, no arm movement, nothing.

(The IK_ Goal_Hand_Left) does not seem to work.

Please, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you, Ed.


I loaded the Butch scene…made a Null, set the ik… works fine.

What tutorial are you speaking about? Are you sure you’re in Animate when you are moving the ik null?



Hi. I am useing the Butch tutorial. And I am in Animate.

I’ve done the steps 3 times now.

Still no connection. Thank you for trying to help, I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong.



Email me the scene if you want aand I’ll look at it and see if I can tell what you may be missing.

Also, if you could point me to what tutorial it would help. Butch is in the sample scenes, I know…but not sure what tutorial you mean.



Hi. I’ve done what you asked, and mailed you a “screenshot” of the tutorial: (Butch getting started)
I hope this helps. Thanks for trying to help!


In this case, the screenshot shows the arm not being affected…but I need you to send me your saved scene after you think you have set it up properly, so I can check out what’s going on.



Hi. I don’t know what you mean by “scene”, or how to send you the scene.

I am very unfamiliar with how this is done. Sorry to be so much trouble.



Menu…“File/Save As” …

choose Messiah Scenefile, give it a name, and then email that scene file so I can open it and poke around. Attach it same way as the image you sent.



Hi. I see the IK Block, and “none” but how do I change it and what do I change it to?

Thanks, Ed.


Click on it and run thru the list of items to get to what you want to be the IK Goal…it just didn’t have anything to target(tell it what to “attach” to)…

It would be a really good idea to look at the docs on a subject before just jumping in…and then do the simple ik tutorials first…



Hi. Thank you very much for trying to help me with this problem.
But I thought the “Butch tutorial” was the first one.??
In any case, Thanks again and I’m sorry for trying your patience.



No problem. If you look in the docs there are explanations of ik and some simple examples.
There are also Beginner IK and Intermediate IK scenes in the content folders.

If you could tell me where you find the Butch Tutorial, I’ll double check it and make sure no info is missing and maybe save someone else setting up IK.



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