Node-Locked RedShift with Floating C4D? Why?


So, our studio just purchased 3 seats of C4D+RedShift under the Maxon’s new subscription model. Totally happy with that, saved us thousands of dollars and allows us to scale up or down if need be.

One thing we’re really disappointed by, is RedShift is Node-Locked to one machine. This is very frustrating, since one of the highlights under this new subscription model, is being able to log in and out of C4D on various machines. But with RedShift being locked to a particular machine, I can’t log out at work, and say, continue to texture on my laptop at home, for instance.

What is the thinking behind this? It undermines the whole point behind logging in and out on various machines. Why not allow RedShift to log in and out just like C4D? What does RedShift, as a company, gain by limiting customers like this?

It’s bundled with my C4D subscription, it should operate as such, no?


That sounds weird. I already purchased a Node-Locked License from Redshift direct a while back and it’s transferable between machines. That really sucks the bundled version doesn’t offer the same freedom. I assumed the only drawback of the C4D bundled version was you could only use with C4D. Disappointing, indeed.

That being said, I actually like how easy it is to Quit and log out of my R21 license from machine to machine. It works better than expected and quicker than dealing with the Redshift Licensing tool.


Hrmm, maybe I’ve misunderstood? But when we installed, it prompted us with a warning that it would be node-locked.

We have 3DS Max and Maya installed as well, and it did, indeed, install in those packages as well, so there is that…


If this is true it would be the height of stupidity by Maxon, if you have the ability to move your C4D license why one earth wouldn’t you want to transfer the Redshift license too?

Are you sure there isn’t RedshiftLicensingTool.exe in ProgramData/Redshift/Tools on your system?

You use this to activate and deactivate the Redshift license from one machine to the other.


Use the Redshift licensing tool to transfer the license between computer as you need. The number of transfer isn’t restricted.


I Thanks all. I’ll check this out when I return to the studio after the weekend. I noticed there’s a release button next to the RedShift license in the C4D Licebse Manager, maybe that works the same way as C4D? Anybody try that?


Please do update us on how it worked out when you try it.