No Textures Imported - but still showing "14 Used Texture Units"



I’m giving Mari a try (Mari 3 on Mac). I imported an obj, haven’t imported any textures. But the HUD shows that I have 16 Texture Units available, but that I already have 14 Used Texture Units. How can that be? Is this a glitch or what am I missing? I’ve been searching the whole day but can find nothing on it. Any help would be appreciated.


I feel sorry for you.
Mac is the lost child when it comes to Mari.
exture units in Mari is used to display procedurals etc. I have not tried Mari on mac but from what I heard its not the best compatibility and the graphics cards is usually not the best for Mari use. I would shoot a mail to foundry.

what is the specs on your mac? especially graphics card as Mari use the GPU for most cases


Hi Peter,

Thanks so much for that insight. All and any details are good to know in trouble shooting problems. I’m on a Macbook Pro and my specs show that I have two cards … an Nvidia GeForce GT 650M (1GB Vram) and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 (also 1GB Vram). (I always only thought I had one graphics card, the Nvidia, but now I remember that I have both; not sure how that works when working with graphics. Each is listed as being a GPU). Also, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 cpu and 16 Gb ram. Sometime in the near future, I do need to get/build another beefier computer or two. Though my computer has done decently well so far on 3D programs, even on Parallels (though I believe Mari doesn’t run on Parallels).

I’ve gone through some of your videos on Mari and continue to do so. Thank you so much for those, and also for the insight into Mac as the “lost child” : / At least it gives me something to go on. Much appreciated!


I’m afraid 1 gig ram is a bit on the low side for Mari use. Also mari does only recognize one GPU.

Happy to have you on my channel