No Swimming, Tim Warnock (2D)


Title: No Swimming
Name: Tim Warnock
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

This is a matte that I have been working on, on and off for a while. I stated with a photo of Toronto and changed a few things.


Excellent, super, … I’m impressed.


Thank you! I may still do some work on it yet. There are a few small details that need work.


Dude, your porfolio site is way cool. I’d definetly buy your art. In fact, had my parents contacted me and had i known you operated a not yet operational print shop online, i’d have convinced them to buy one of your illustrations since they had some art spree last month.

Way cool man, keep up the great work.


its really beautiful. a job well done!


There’s a lot I like about this.
The modest use of colours and the overall atmosphere. And I like the subtle mix of the old ships and the sci-fi parts. Very well done.

You say it’s a matte, so could we see the original photo?


This is what I started with.
Thanks for all your kind words.


Thanks for the photos.
The only thing I might add to crit is that maybe you should grease up the platform in the foreground a bit. Harbours are dirty places and the platform looks just a bit too clean IMO. For the rest, great work.


That seems to be the comment I’m getting from a number of people. I’ll fix it up soon.
Thanks everyone for your comments.


amazing…lighting :buttrock: seriously the reflection on the sea at this first image is just great !..keep up the good work


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