No Surrender, Paul Cunningham (3D)


Title: No Surrender

Name: Paul Cunningham

The completed music video. The music is my old band from the early nineties. I tried to make it a bit like a performance. All the characters except the drummer (which was me) used motion capture from IPIsoft and I rotoscoped the lipsync using blendshapes. I managed about 60 - 100 frames/day and it took about 3 months. It’s rendered with Mental Ray



This is super cool man, great job!

How did you find iPiSoft? What kind of setup did you use (Kinect/Webcam/Etc)? Was there a lot of cleanup required afterwards with the data?


Thanks for that… try watching this, It says that it’s part 1 of 3, but I’ve been distracted and haven’t done the other two parts yet. Ipisoft is easy to use. Processing is really simple when you use two cameras. The tutorial shows someone break dancing (one of my students, not me). I thought it would be difficult but I had to tweak the movement twice during the processing. If you are using Maya then you can always use ‘animation layers’ to tweak it to what you need. Let me know how you get on, or if you have more questions.