Nmn's Sketchbook and Anatomy


Hello there everyone. I want to learn drawing from imagination well, especially the human form, true to real life. So learning anatomy is mandatory.
I have plenty of sketchbooks w/ anatomy drawings and stuff, but I thought an idea - modelling the human form in a 3d environment w/o reference to check upon my knowledge.
Here are some of my results per today, any input is very welcommed.

Here are also some of my figure studies:


Some pretty nice dynamic poses there, looking good.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Wow, that is a lot of figure studies.

I hope to do stuff like that more often. I really find doing gestural studies for the purpose of poses, and focused studies, such as specific anatomy. For instance devoting time to focusing on hands, legs, back muscles and so on to be very helpful.

Thank you for the inspiration!!!

… Oh and great work by the way


Thanks mate :smiley: