Nkirill #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Hey ! I didn’t know about that feature in photoshop ! Thank you for the tip !

Congratulations, man. You did an awesome work throughout the contest. And this one is just as great. Happy holidays !


Doesn’t that make you nuts when a face just disappears on you and no way to retrieve it? Then is just defaults to a series of practical retrofitting and patches. Just lost.


I like it.

Lot of good artists on this thread. I’m counting you one. And you stuck it out.

I didn’t know that about Photoshop either.

Good job. See you in the next life.


Those are some amazing looking dragons, and their environment is awesome, too.

Congrats on making it to the end :slight_smile:


Really great last pieces!
Congrats :slight_smile:


Doomov, grafik, justcallmeinsane, POSEIdOON - thank you, great works everybody!

JoelHageman - thank you! Yeah, doing portraits sometimes piss me off, still more confident painting dragons than humans hehe. That’s why I push myself for doing more human studies and hope someday quantity will elevate to quality.

Lammakian - thank you so much. This PS feature is available only in extended version, you need to have it to be able to work with 3D. Also open GL need to be installed on your desktop.
There’s a recent post from Armand Serrano with video, that shows how he use depth mask extrusion in PS. http://armandserrano.tumblr.com/post/168780020775/a-rough-cityscape-using-the-3d-workspace-in
I’ve learned this trick the other day from Jama Jurabaev interviews, I guess.

And happy holidays everybody!


Whoa! The flying dragon is fantastic!
Merry Christmas Kirill!:thumbsup:


Thank you Stefano! Happy Christmas!

Following Tiago’s (grafik) example, I’ve compiled all my #drawcember drawings into one list.


Congratulation for you on completing the contest! I like your pictures of dragons. Happy New Year! :slight_smile: