Nkirill #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Doomov, thanks for comment, I’ll consider.

And day 18 is here. Frost, forest, elf
PS resemblance with Emilia Clarke is totally accidental :slight_smile:



I really love the composition and atmosphere in your day 16. Nice job!


Loved these last pieces! Very good stuff!


16, 17 very nice! 16 is beautiful light! Shine!


Really cool man! Great colors and composition. Loved it :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, guys, I’m trying to do my best in this limited time. This challenge has already given me so much and your comments help me not to slip away into the laziness, hehe.
Have a great day everybody!
Btw I’m planning to upload free PSD for anyone who finds that interesting. Please write in the comment if you’d like to.

Thanks again!


Nice work :slight_smile:
I’d be interested in that PSD. It’s interesting to see how other people work


LadyMedusa okay!

Here day 16 (Sunset ) psd file
I’ll upload more in time

Horseman PSD

PLS let me know if the file is not available.


That elf sure reminded me of Emilia Clarke (although Clarke is like 5 feet tall and couldn’t possibly be an elf ! Bwahahaha…
(Hum. I shouldn’t laugh, I’m pretty short too…)

Your piece works really well ! It even makes me feel cold :open_mouth:


Lammakian, thanks mate! This elven lady had much sharper features on the sketch but on progression she became almost exactly Emila Clarke. Which I didn’t expected. Anyway, I’m ok with that.

And day 19 is here. What can be better DECORATION of a boring rock than dragon!
Cheers, folks, the race is almost run!



Wow such an amazing dragon. Awesome work.


Very nicepiece nkirill!


Really nice dragon and the horseman PSD was really nice to see all the layers and the work behind. Thanks for sharing it!


The paintings 18 and 19 are really good.:applause:


Cool dragon design and that lighting and clouds! Loved it


Hey guys! Huge thanks to everyone!

Day 20
Today is the last day to submit I guess, and all gone wrong. Every decision was not right, I’ve pulled and pushed this portrait through a good bunch of iterations and still it doesn’t look good to me. But I’m done for now and call it a day.



Day 21



And the last day 22
Based on idea that I’ve sketched couple of years ago. I’ve used the Photoshop’s 3d extrusion from depth mask that I’ve painted with brush with hard edges to quickly create rocks.


Congrats man! Nice job!


great last piece man! congrats on completing the contest!