Nkirill #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Day 13 late to the table. No specific christmas theme, just comfort zone painting of an elf girl.



For those who are interested, I’ve made an animated gif to show my progression on the latest picture. As you can see, I’m starting from super ugly scribble and proceed with the image making corrections as I spot that something is wrong until I’m quite ok with the end result.

I donno how to post gif’s here, so here’s a [b]PROCESS LINK

[/b]Thank you!


very nice artwork!


Thank you, Tiago!


That skull candle is awesome. I love the lighting on the elf girl too. That soft glow in the air is very pretty:)


Wow! Very good day 13 piece.


Hey Joel, nice anatomy drawings! Never got to do these myself, maybe I’m too lazy
What are your sources of anatomy drawing practice?
Mine were books by Gotfried Bammes, George Bridgeman and Burne Hogarth. Two first are focused on simplifying anatomy to understandable primitives, wich is extremely helpful for basic figure construction.

Hi Kirill.

I don’t know how to quote a reply here (above).

As far as laziness… it’s taken me about, oh… , decades to get to this leg study stuff.

I know other areas. But I’m getting to legs, which is kind of silly, considering my poses often look awkward or out of context when I start them with a head or torso in the middle of a blank page and no reference to surroundings.

Feet are really our foundation for stance, right? … so, probably best to start a pose with stance instead, oriented with foot placement that follows up through the legs and consequent balance in the rest of the body from there.

Makes sense, right?

But we don’t normally talk to feet. So, I’ve always been interested in drawing the face-to-face top half, drawing from the top down, forgetting what the whole figure is standing on and trying to figure out a matching fundamental balance as an afterthought

I really have been striking at this drawing thing on my own.

Sources for anatomy study.

Using what I have on-hand.

One good place I’ve found is Kenhub, which has Youtube videos explaining anatomy.


You’re right. Wow, there is a lot to know. You know the six-pack abs are really a ten-pack? I know other things, like the serratus, but I forget how many and which ribs. There’s also intercostal muscles, between the ribs. The rib cage stretches and compresses with the spine, too, by the way. Not a solid block.

Eh… what got me into this was a book from a while ago -

Anatomy: a Complete Guide for Artists by Joseph Sheppard

which deals with the skeleton and many layers of hidden muscles. I have the new Kindle conversion.


I also have Skelly on my phone, a posable 3D skeleton model for about 7.00 bucks US. I’m pretty sure it’s mobile phone only and maybe just Android.


I like days 12 and 13 here.

12 is very cool. As it happens, the environment is a fun part of it for me. The whole concept is neat.

I’m not sure what techniques or brushes you used for day 13 with the elf girl, but yeah, the lighting and effect turned out pretty well on that. Whole pose worked too, I think.

Looks good. Like it.

Thanks for the comment. See you in the forum.


Guys, thank you all for your comments, I’m super late again so absolutely exhausted to reply something eligible :slight_smile: Its almost 4 am in my timezone

Just finished day 14 - FROST. I mean, I’ve painted a frost dragon, kinda.



Whoa. Dang.

I like it when all the shapes work. Quite nice.

A little tired. Fine.

Hey, I forgot to mention. The list I used for all the muscles is here -


What I’m curious about is how you got a the shapes and angles in those poses to work in space WITHOUT studying all the anatomy details.

Or maybe you did and just didn’t remember names, which I won’t either.

Maybe I understood your question wrong.

Just wondering. And a little on the accusing side.

Anyway. Practice, practice.

The picture. Very nice.

It’s 18:00 here.

Talk to you later.


Oh, MAN ! That rocks !
It only makes me want to go back to work, train so that I could pull something just as cool !


Lammakian, thank you so much! I wish I could learn to simplify like you, whenever i try to do stylized characters I always slip to more realistic side. And fail :slight_smile:

Joel, thanks for links, I’ll check them as I get to my desktop again. Right now my wife is preparing for exams and I’m posting from my phone. I know Proko of course. As for your question - I mean I have not studied muscles in deep, just major forms. Also I’ve used to sketch a lot from posemaniacs.com and other online resources to get better in capturing gestures and to learn to see the human figure in whole. But recently I’ve started to attend lifedrawing sessions in my city and feel the lack of fundamental knowledge, so I’m slowly studying anatomy on the go.
Lifedrawing helped me a lot in understanding my weak points, so I definitely recommend to go for it (if you aren’t already doing ).


And day 15, hope it counts, made some marks with graphite in my sketchbook this time.

Hope you are doing well, and thanks for stopping by


Wooo! Dragon!
Yeah, we can do traditional art :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the nice comment, dude. I dunno if I deserve that though. I simplify because I’m just too lazy, haha… :smiley:

Now you drawing, man… It’s simple but really cool. Makes me think of one of my favourite artists ever, Juan Gimenez. Hell, your sketch looks like it could be out of one of his comic books ! That’s dope !


I agree with Lammakian, also reminds me of Gimenez. Really cool concept!


day 14 is one of my favourites! great stuff!


LadyMedusa - thank you! I’ve used to draw a lot of dragons some time ago :slight_smile:

Lammakian, POSEIdOON - you guys too kind, I don’t even think of my drawings anywhere near the mighty Gimenez-sensei. And thanks again!
Grafik - dude you rock this party so much, thanks for kind words!


And day 16, let’s call it a day. Snow, frost, winter.



Day 17, Snow, Frost, Winter



Nice works! I’d suggest taking some classes in academic drawing, it will benefit your work greatly. You have a good feel color and composition, but lack a bit of understanding of form. I can advise a teacher in Kiev if you are interested.