Nkirill #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


quite Well done _


woahhh… I really like the balance of those last couple! Left sorta raw like a 70’s cartoon… but rendered smooth like pastel… and finishes off with a touch of textured brushstroke for environment suggestion. Cool stuff. Did you have any inspirations for that recipe?


Travis, DarkKiell thank you so much!
Infinitedivide thank you! I’m diving into Claire Wendling and Frazetta drawings for the last ones, trying to achieve good lines and good forms. For backgrounds I usually take couple of textured bristle brushes and make random strokes, sometimes transform and warp until I get visual guidelines or forms that are ok.


That’s one tiny lady :).
You definitely got the form there. Line confidence goes off at some points, but it still looks great! It works for your overall style :slight_smile:


Mittens! What mittens?! Lol
Great piece nkirill :slight_smile:


LadyMedusa, POSEIdOON - thanks !!!

Too much work this week, I’m late today
Day 8 GARLAND! Even trolls sometimes feel like some celebration!



Your work is phenomenal! So expressive! I love your shading as well!


Thank you Christy! Still a long way to go :slight_smile:


Day 9 - REINDEER. By this time its becoming harder to keep up, need to loosen a bit.

Have a nice weekend!



Cool piece nkirill :wink: the reindeer and the snow got very well, the background could even be more blurred


Thank you Hugo!!!

I’ve got cold and now I’m two days behind the schedule :frowning:

Day 10 - Candle is here



You’re not the only one to be behind schedule ! ^^
Don’t give up, mate, you’ve gone this far !

If you did this skull candle while being sick then I can’t wait to see what more you have in store for us !

Take care of that cold and keep going and make some great art !

PS : Also, anyone who mentions Claire Wendling is fine in my book fist bump ;).


Lammakian, thanks for encouragement, gotta pull myself to end of the challenge!

And day 11 _ WREATH! Is here



Great pieces man! Loved the skull candle :smiley:


Whao! The robot is very strong.


STFVIT, POSEIdOON - Thank you guys again!

Day 12 is here - LIGHTS!



very cool artworks! the skull with the candle one my favorites!


Beautiful image really evocative.
It seems to feel the snow falling.


Nice atmosphere. Spooky.


Grafik, STFVIT, SmallPoly - guys, thank you so much!