Title: :: Nina - T H E // E V O L U T I O N // O F // B O
Name: Christopher Clark Bischoff
Country: South Africa
Software: 3dsmax And Paintshop Pro

:: Nina - T h e // E v o l u t i o n // o f // B o n e ::

Not merely a joining of bone, flesh, blood, and metal-but a complete fusion, where one is no different from the other. Muscle weaves in with hydrolic pumps, brain tissue and silicon chips exist and function without boundries, without limits. A true living breathing creation-technology and humanity comeing together, creating its first hybrid soul.

A human and robot have ‘concieved’ this child. The 1st in the next step of evolution. A creation of love for some, but a bastardisation of humanity for others.
Not entirely human, not entirely machine.

Alone in the womb-peaceful…innocent…

Done for the Machine Flesh challenge. Congrats to all the winners, and all the participants!

Time taken was the whole 3 months of the challenge, only working on and off weekends, and the occasional caffine induced night.

All 3D work done in MAX 5, using all its standard tools (no fancy plugins), with the exception of Niel Blevins WIRE JUMBLE script.

Post was completed in Paint Shop Pro.

Questions and comments are always appreciated!

A recent HD crash saw me losing my final full sized comp, although I do still have all of her 3d files.

I think I can safely file her in my ‘completed works’ file, and I doubt I will revisit her anytime soon.

Thanks to CGTalk for allowing me this fantastic opportunity!

She is hosted in the…erm…hosted gallery, but I owuld really like to get a feel from you guys as to weather got the ‘feeling’ of peace and innocense out of the image-along with making it a little ‘disturbing’ to look at.



It’s beautiful! Good color scheme…
The soft lights you used give a peacefull ambiance.
Just one technic critic:
The dephtblur doesn’t appear to be the same on each layers…
Keep it up!


rollmops, thanks very much mate!

I agree about the wonkey DOF. It was partially on purpose, and partially a mistake. :wink:
I wanted tp give the image a ‘dreamy’ quility, so I over blurred and under blurred certain areas manually in PSP.
Perhaps If I had the understanding of how DOF works now, the image result would have been better!


Fine job! I love the cord, and the hair…nice color & lighting.


i see the nose too big,all the way nice image :thumbsup:


i like what you’ve done. It looks really cool. the baby’s skin could use some more of those transparent veiny looking things. Your use of light is good however.


Nice. … but think sub surface scattering. I know this is a technical thing but you can fake it and really improve the impact of this image (I think).

All the deep shadows are two dark and desaturated – they should be saturated red from light scattering through the skin – especially in a foetal setting like this.
Not only would the red shadows be more technicall correct I think it will improve the impact of the image dramatically. Rather than trying to add real sub surface scattering (a dificult thing to do) just set you lights shadow colour to a suitable red colour – everything in this scene should have red shadow areas.


Holy Monkeys :argh: thats creepy …but I like it :smiley: it conveys a real sence of what this little life has gone through to come this far

for me anyway

Beautifull work :slight_smile:

And finally …ANOTHER paint shop pro user :buttrock:




Thank you very much! The hair is also one of my favorite parts of the image. :wink: And it surprisingly easy to make…just a cone and the Scatter modifier.


When doing research for the proportions of a baby in the womb, I also thought that the nose would be smaller-but if you look at [this pic](file:// was my main reference), you can see that the nose is infact rather ‘bulbouse’.

One thing that I think throws my image off is the fact that the hands are actually older than the face.


Couldnt agree more with the tranlusency of the skin.
My original idea was to have the skin transparent enough that you could actually see the mechanical and organic workings underneath the skin-but I abandoned it for two reasons:

The major one was technical knowhow. I was using MAX 5, with its default scanline render-so SSS wasnt on the cards.
Im sure there were ways of doing this without SSS-but I didnt wanna risk doing it, and have the image look like it was ‘an experiment’. So instead I went with my strengths!

The second reason is that I really wanted people to see the baby as a character…as a human-and thought that a ‘borg type’ effect would ruin her, and take away her ‘life source.’


Wow! Its really something to have you reply to my thread! 1st let me just thank you for ALL your work on CGTalk and Ballistic. I still dont have enough cash scraped up to buy Expose 2 or elemental-but rest assured I will starve for a few days to get them! :slight_smile:

When I revisit this model (Art is never complete-only abandoned), I will undoubtadly do some more research into faking SSS, using the tricks that you have said.

I tried to simulate SSS as best as I could using layers and blends of of the Falloff material, and I think it was succesful in some areas-but not in others.


Thank you very much! I really did want to portray that this wasnt just a mindless monster, or a mechanical creature-but rather, that it had a soul…that it was, as you said a “little life”.

I also wanted to hint slightly towards what this ‘hybrid’ would go through AFTER it was born-but i think that that was more apparent from my description, and not from the image itself.

And yes PSP is one of the best photo-editing tools out there!

Thanks all for taking the time to crit and comment on Nina. We both really appreciate it. :wink:


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