next contest topic?


OK, an attempt to move things on - I’m setting a 4-day time limit in the poll options for how long this thing is active -
Let’s have a decision for Saturday and maybe next someone moves this on with who’s running, judging and all the other stuff to do with successful contests. This forum needs re-starting guys!


Just a thought

Looks to be evenly split…
so do both.
Keep everyone happy but make the modeling contest 20-30 days and the animation 40-60 days or something like that.


I thought it was looking horribly even also! we have until Saturday though, lots of others may yet vote…


Well, I just evened up the vote again. :frowning: No matter how the vote turns out, though, I won’t be able to participate in any animation challenges for the next several months. I have another project I’m committed to…something you’ll all probably hear about if I can get my act together.

I’ll try to keep tabs on whatever does happen, though. Kudos to those who have participated in the modeling round so far, and kudos to those who can keep things going from here forward. :slight_smile:


Justin, that’s a bummer! But I’m glad your working on a project. looking forward to seeing what it is.



I like the idea of alternating modeling then animating the winners and so on. IMHO this gives both camps a chance to participate and doesn’t overwhelm anyone with too much going on at one time.


Well, I recall at the beginning of the first contest, we agreed that the winner would (or could) make his model available for the next animation contest. So, I am making Schlitzy available, but I have a question for all of you.

Do I make him available only to those who will enter the contest? Kind of a way to get more participation. Or just let everyone have him and let him sit on their hard drives?

I don’t mind giving him away, I’ve given models away before, but I rarely get to see anything done with the characters.

Anyway, shall we do an animation contest?



I would love to get my hands on that model Jim, but I will not be entering the Animation Contest, so will not be able to get it. I think that tells you how I think you should go with your question, haha.


Jim, I think Schlitzy should be on offer to only those who want to participate. Thereby as you say, more participation. The debacle over judging the contest has stopped a lot of people coming back here… :blush: (for putting wrong word in!)

Now where are all those animators to push the animate only bar on… I’m in almost as much suspense watching the voting staying level.!


I would say give it only to animation contestants. That should give some incentive to join. Heck maybe even Zaryin would join, I don’t know why he wouldn’t? who cares if its not going to look like Disney animation have some fun with it :slight_smile:


My vote too goes for only allowing people participating in contest the chance to use your model Jim. It would be a great incentive for more people to join. After the contest is over then it’s up to you to make it publicly available or not.


So do we have a verdict? I don’t know nothin’ bout no animatin’ but I’m itchin’ to try this!!!


So do we have a verdict?

Hold on there Doug… I put a time limit of four days for responses or votes so sometime tommorow we’ll have a result.

That means on Sunday, someone should post a thread for animation ideas and then we have a poll to choose.

Hey one day this should even run smoothly…! We could be choosing the next subject while modelling or animating the previous. Do away with the pregnant pause of concluding things properly!


Sounds good, hooch!



Well, I think that Jim has to decide if, how, and to whom he distributes his model.

If he does, then I will definately enter the animation portion–just because I know he wants to see his characters come to life!
I’m suprised that no one has done any animations with Tarzan & Jane yet…

I think that we could have an animation contest using ANY character that is already available, rather than putting pressure on Jim. The contest was so irregular, that I don’t think anyone would mind.


BBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! There’s the buzzer that ends the voting round. It looks like “animating the dwarf or dwarves” is the focus of the next competition. (If you add those who voted for animation and modeling comps the decision was overwhelming).

I guess that doesn’t make sense, the total was still only one vote off. Whatever!
end edit/

So, here is where you or anyone can get Schlitzy:

It is a 4.7MB zip archive containing the Schlitzy model, texture maps, materials for hair, a project file, an action and a chor file. Schlitzy uses the Jeff Lew rig from the DVD characters, except for the hands, which are from the 2001 rig. He has several facial pose sliders but I didn’t create all the phoneme mouth shapes. There are still a few areas that need some smartskin touchups.

And look for a thread to brainstorm about what the animation topic is going to be!




Thanks Jim,

downloading… 15%…30%… . .


wow! what a relief.! looks like we’re back on track with this mini-forum. Great that we had so many voters too.
Can’t wait to see what you animators come up with!


24 votes! :bounce:

we’re huge!:beer:


Awww roight !! Thanks Jim for supplying the model. I cannot wait to see what Schlitzy will end up doing.