New workstation :New Threadripper 3960X or 3970X or Ryzen 3950X


Okay finally time to upgrade my workstation. I was waiting and waiting for 7nm AMD and here it is. Now the problem which one to go with.
For me it’s not only rendering but lot of modeling in 3dsmax and multitasking (rendering in Corona and Redshift, zbrush sculpting at the same time etc.) Also cloth and particle simulation. So I need one powerful workstation that can do it all :slight_smile:
Is it worth getting the 32 core beast 3970x or a bit overkill and go with 24 cores as it’s 100mhz (3.8Ghz) base clock faster which is important in 3dsmax as it’s one core app.
I’m not sure about Ryzen 3950x as I read that it will require water cooling and because if Threadripper size I assume air is still good and quieter option.
Whats your take an all this?


It all depends on the budget and how important is Redshift rendering (gpu) vs Corona rendering (cpu) in your workflow.

As for the cooling solution, I think that with either 3950X or any of the new Threadrippers, AIO cooling in a one way road. In fact, I wouldn’t dare picking an air-cooler for a build like this. I’ve seen many cases of 3900X based builds with top notch air-coolers, like the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, and the temps are honestly not acceptable. 40-50° C in idle and 80-85° C at full load.

You’ll be needing a beefy 280mm-360mm AIO cooling solution without a question, especially if you render a lot with Corona.


40-50 C in idle not acceptable?! I got those on my old i7 3930K for 8 years now :slight_smile:


That’s weird. I had the 3930K some years ago. I kept it at very low temps, even under heavy OC. My idle temps are always 25-35°. The same thing with my current rig, a 5960X at 4.2GHz.

Maybe you haven’t spent much time optimizing your system for lower temos. And believe me, if you build a new Ryzen or TR system, you must spend time optimizing it. These chips are quite demanding and need tweaking in order to give their best without causing thermal issues.


Hello…thanks for sharing this. GN, L1, HW Unboxed got 3950x, I like to see the tryhards rewarded over infotainers like Bigwig or JayzsCamaroFetish.
Linus would be an exception, but he has more views than all the tryhards combined so you cant ignore marketing footprint.I like the fact GN streamed some 3950x content,

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Hi guys,

I have an aircooled 3950x, with a Cryorig R1 Universal and a well cooled case, and it reaches 80-85º aprox at max load. It’s quite enough, but not dangerous and anything about worrying about. Why not? But this “high” temperature (it’s a 32 cores cpu!) it’s as high because of being overclocked at a permanent speed of 4.1ghz.

If you want to know anything more about this cpu, don’t hesitate to ask me.