New Tutorial Set Nearly Finished


Finally finished part 8 of my TFD tutorial set, it has taken all day to do 1 hour since i get so far in then a demon takes control of my tounge and i start effin and blindin… and it goes all fucky fucky. I suppose i could do an edit but i just keep loosing the plot and have to start again . So far got 10 hours done, a couple more then the projects ( maybe 5 hours worth) thinking of pricing this around the £40 mark…sounds fair ?


TFD For Cinema 4D Fundamentals

Over 13 hours of Tutorials and Projects recorded at 1920 x 1080 7.5GB download
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Here is an example tutorial from the set

Intro 45 min
Test Setup 17 m
Simulation Window 35 m
Channels 52 m
Upres and Timing 33 m
Velocity 22 m
Wind vorticity and turbulence 34 m
Sim Solver Advection 27 m
Render Previews 16 m
Render Settings 1 H 17 m
Emitters 1 h 3 m
Particles 57 m
Moving Containers 15 m
Preparing For Compositing 10 m
Freezing TFD 13 m
Particle velocity 10 m


Explosion 1 1 h 38 m
Explosion 2 23m
Thinking Particles Explosion 35 m
Sculpting With Colliders 26 m
Filling Objects 12 m
Wind Tunnel 13 m
Igniting Fuel 14 m
Candle 45m

Over 13 Hours

Recorded at 1920 x 1080
Project Files Included


Here is an example tutorial from the set


For those just wanting a quick start I have separated the Introduction tutorial and made it available for separate purchase

This intro will give you a solid foundation and get you up to speed with TFD allowing you to run simulations and render out the results, however we do recommend that to get a full insight into TFD you purchase the full 14 hour fundamentals set that includes projects and scene files

The file is zipped and is approx 388 MB.

This is a 45 min Introduction to TFD In Cinema 4D taken from the full TFD Cinema 4D Fundamentals 1 set available from here :