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[b]EDIT: JUNE 5, 2006:


This has been posing a problem for many of our members. Please report and link here posts containing missing / broken links due to Photobucket’s new nudity rule.

[/b][/color][size=2]I am currently looking into other image hosting options. Please stay tuned. I would advise people not to contact Photobucket, as this will only draw attention to your account.[/size]





I have some free webspace and bandwidh to spare. I’d be more than willing to set up a image sharing script for my fellow CGTalkers. Are you guys interested?


Tocpe you offer is very kind, but I have to warn you that the bandwith requirements would be QUITE brutal for your server. If that is Ok, then welcome…


what kind of bandwidth usage are we talking? I could cap per user bandwidth usage, perhaps.


thanks a bunch becca it’s helped me so much now that i can post my own images thanks a million




No problem! :slight_smile: Hope you will join us here on the Anatomy Forum. :thumbsup:




I’m having the same problem as MrLoco but I didn’t understand the whole part about “having to ise the tags” I also assume that this is the same reason why I can’t use the smileys. Either way, I’m still struggling. Maybe someone can help…please?



It’s only necessary to use the tags when posting close up shots to the Description area in the CGPortfolio. Are you trying to post images just to CGTalk, eg, the forums here, which you are on? :slight_smile:

You may not have images enabled in your User CP settings.

Go to the top of the page where you will see a link for User CP. Go to User CP > Edit Options, then scroll down to Thread Display Options, and check:

Show Signatures
Show Avatars
Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)




I Think that I got it now thanks



No problem! :slight_smile:




I only saw the first page. I use, and it does not require any registration. If you are looking for a quick upload with about 1200kb amount to work with, then I think it should do fine. All my anatomy studies in my topic were uploaded this way. If some are missing please pm me :smiley:


Thank you, Rebeccak!

Testing 1, 2, 3…




Thanks for the link.


First off I have to say Im sorry that i revived an old thread.

The tut is great but from what i know photobucket is just like facebook and myspace that when you upload pics they get amediatley access to do w/e they want with the pics,is this correct?

And for my real question,is there any site that I can use instead of photobucket that dont steal my pics?


Hi there, a student of mine at Otis just told me about a new site: - apparently they won’t edit your images.




At last! Thanks for the walk through. As soon as I have an image to post, I will try your advice. I was getting sick of seeing tiny thumbnails and much reduced versions of my work compared to everyone else. Made me feel an even worse digital novice than I am when I couldn’t figure out what a URL was or how to find it! Lol!!


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Hey guys, getting ready to put up some of my but its anatomical studies from Anatomy lessons from the masters and Anatomy for the Artist (great books btw).

Anyways my question was, is there an image hosting site that is reputalbe that will allow the hosting of nude images ? I am hesitant to up load to Limefile because i can’t find anything about the site. Any suggestions would be great.



Zildjian from Sunnyvale?!?! I grew up in Sunnyvale!!!
I post pics on Renderosity.
They allow allow nudity as long as you post with an alert.
Not really a bulk load site but not a bad place for an image gallery.


I just found out the site I was getting hosted at is down I need a new host any suggestions?