New pmG website and Mac version!


Lots of great changes today over at the pmG website. Its totally re-vamped, there is a new version of messiah:studio and to top it off. . . there is a mac port! Woo Hoo!

Go check it out!


It’s really cool to see the Mac support as well as the update. The program is really looking good!



yes, i really cant wait to start playing with 4.5.


Thats cause it is! :wink:


Any new or improved features besides FBX? I looked on the new site, and didn’t see that.


Info on what’s new in Messiah v4.5 is here,1312.0.html


a shame thats mac demo doesn’t work :frowning:


Jason actually found a “fix”.,1317.msg9533.html#msg9533

Fori is working on a new installer that will be more bullet proof but until then, this does work.


will it install on windows 7 and recognize its dongle? lol.


Yup. If your dongle was upgraded to 4 then it will work.


A mac version? Cool. Because I’m working on nothing but macs these days. :smiley: I’m wondering if the license is good for either Win or Mac similar to Modo’s licensing scheme. Or would I have to buy a separate Mac version? :cry:


right now you cannot use your Windows license to work with a mac.
The dongle ID is not seen the same between platforms.
Not sure what PMG would charge for a “add-on” mac license…


Just installed the mac demo … and it barely starts up before it quits … :frowning:


hey chikega,

I had the same problem but was able to sort it out via the thread below. For me is was:

OS 10.8.5

deleting the files:
users/username/Library/Application Support/Crossover Chromium

along with a fresh install. fixed my problems

But check the thread,1316.0.html


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