New Plugin: Collie Project Button Bar



I have a “new” plugin available by name of Collie Project Button Bar on my Patreon (accessible on the 5$ level and higher):

This plugin shows a button list containing the currently loaded projects (with an automatic and a manual mode) for ease of access and convenience. The dialog can be docked into the layout. It is possible to show the file paths (or abbreviated versions thereof) and to reorder or limit the buttons / projects.


An English and a German internationalization are included. The manual is available as separate post (public so you can survey the functionality) but only English at the moment:

The plugin has been developed to serve as a sample for the Python: Spoonfed tutorial series. Since the code is a bit more advanced than the tutorials, I’m publishing it separately as an appetizer. If the tutorials find enough support to get there, we will examine the code in detail. The basic idea is mostly like xsTab, as I have found people asking for a replacement when the xs plugins disappeared (were discontinued?).

You can use the plugin independently of the tutorials; no need to know anything about programming :wink:

The plugin has been written in Python for R21 (and higher) and should work on PC and Mac with no further installations; just copy the plugin’s own directory into your preferred plugins directory (not into the script directory), and it will run. I do not guarantee for versions below R21, and have not tested them, although it may run there too.

If you have issues running the plugin, or ideas on how to improve it, feel free to leave a note.

If you like to see more plugins, or wish to join in to the Python tutorials, you may want to become a Patron: