New MoGraph Module


Nope. can’t see anything on the spline mask specifically, and one of Mikes threads is now no longer working…


oh well, i could have sworn someone posted a simple example. anyhow here’s a quick example:


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Paint.NET as well… though I think it requires the .NET framework (I know, I know… DUH!) – if you don’t have that, try the (fully functional) 30 day free trial of Photoimpact at – it’s an excellent graphics program. It’s not photoshop, but it’s been around a while and is quite good. I’ve used it as my primary 2D app for years.


Wow , the ultimate spline boolean tools ? It’s magic ! :eek:


Ah, cool, thanks - that helps. So simple and so nice.


It was made using MoGraph.


Ah, Srek, there you are. Can you explain how? Was it with the spline masks? How are the path lengths animated using MoGraph?


you use the spline mask inside a loft. if youve done any compositing its like using animated masks, using one to revel the other, so you have spline 1, the design. spline 2 a mask that covers it all, and you animate the spline2 move accross spline 1 to revel it.

HTH Mike


thanks Mike. that’s kinda like how I’d do it in AE…


Absolutely Correct :slight_smile: Spline Maske was used to reveal the final shape of the Ornaments. Before that i, worked the ornament a bit. In Cinema4D i added a Guidspline (<-That’s my term for the spline which the reveal spline will follow :)) It’s simillar to AE. The main difference is that you are able to animate the Camera, plus you have more controll over the F-Curve as in AE. I really love that feature, btw :slight_smile: well one of those are there :slight_smile:



hmmm, really interesting David. That’s what made me curious. When I saw it, I thought it’s “AE”, but got wondering if it’s now possible with MoGraph, then there are added possibilities with complex camera and spacial animation. Can’t wait to get my copy of MoGraph.


Just another small Information on the Spline Mask Object:
SplineMask Movie
Object Manager Setup


Quick and painless:


Oooh yeah, that splinemask is gonna be so useful!

I would love some info on the new extrude effect and spline wrap…any takers?

Is the displace deformer more like Nickl or does it show displacement realtime ala Displaceview?
Also, is the fft sound node in Mograph only or will it be in the core version of 9.6 like the standard sound node?



Good grief that’s so simple. Can’t wait.


per and james.
what i was talking about is illustrated below…a tp basic emitter then using either ParticleSPLINE or ParticleTRACER the spline route is shown…the red cubes are the actual particles (cubes in this case)…and the the other cubes are a result of me cloning on the spline created from the results of cpt/loco.

basically…particle emitter…create spline from particles points…clone along spline.


sure, it’s possible, just drag the tracer into the object link of the cloner object. the tracer creates the splines from the tp emitter.



I keep checking this thread and I keep getting more excited. Stop it! :wink:

:bounce::bounce::bounce: can’t wait:bounce::bounce::bounce:


that should do it…thanks bob and actually looks easier…if you can trace and clone then the first one will be possible also…cheers…:buttrock:


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