New modeling contest topics?


I would certainly like to give the animation side of this contest a go.
It would seem a shame that some of these terrific models won’t get the opportunity to be brought to life.
As long as it’s nothing boring like a walk cycle and no longer than 10 seconds in duration. After all, we are using ANIMATION master!


I’d be all for an animation contest also!


I won’t join the animation contest but would love to see that next.
There’s some great animators out there could help the other side of this thing really work.

I didn’t finish this time but there’s something to be said about seeing your work come to life or put onto a shelf in a store for sale or being used for what it was meant to be used for.


Thanks for the kind words, Jim. :thumbsup: You’re so right, I’ve been drooling all over my keyboard as I’ve watched the modeling entries progressing…partly 'cause they’re cool models, but partly because of the potential opportunity to animate such cool models.

For me, a large part of the inspiration and energy that comes from animating a character comes from a cool model. It’s just like theatre, where you can act out your scenes in early rehearsals wearing your street clothes and things go all right. But you finally get to the point where you’re doing dress rehearsals in full costume, and you get an extra boost of energy. You’re finally “in-character” to the fullest possible level. It’s quite a rush.


this is for AFTER the animation stage
I liked doing characters but now want to try something monstrous and horrible…

how about something completely non-cartoony and with realism like monsters or beasts? Could do some LOVELY STUFF with textures and fangs and even particles!

(Oh yeah, any word on voting as this SHOULD really be the end of week four since the end of the modelling contest)


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