New modeling contest topics?


I tell you what. Since I’m not a participant and am one of the “sponsors” I’m going to take a little initiative

I’m sending an email out to wegg, in the meantime everybody who would like to express their opinion on who should win and why send me a private message.

If I haven’t heard from wegg in the next 7 days or if he has no objections, I will get together with the other sponsor (My Fault) we can go over the votes that I get sent kick in our own 2¢ and post a message in a thread with the Standings and some of the comments… that way we can both give wegg a little more time and move towards the completion of this contest.

Does that sound ok to everyone involved? My Fault, are you willing to email a couple times back and forth sometime next week?

-David Rogers


Aye, that’s a great idea David and I’m up for whatever is needed!


I did send an email to Wegg and asked that he contact this forum.

If Wegg hasn’t done anything yet, who do we plan on doing the voting. There aren’t a whole lot of visitors to the forum lately. Maybe just the contest entrants waiting to see if anything is happening. Do we announce it on the Hash forum?



Do we announce it on the Hash forum?

Not sure they can vote or send private messages unless they join CGTalk.

I always did wonder who was going to judge and how they’d be selected. Better to have one and all on this forum at the very least.


I would think if we post in the main Hash forum, that would be good. We could also think of posting in one of the other larger CGTalk forums as well. That would get people to check out AM and there would be more impartial observers.


I don’t know about the other entrants but Personally I’m just biding my time here, if David wants to invest some of his personal time out of the goodness of his heart to talley votes I’m all for it, or any other way that you guys decide to do this. I’d just like to get this part over with :wink: So I can have some closure :scream:



Hey I’m really sorry for flaking out on you guys. Life kind of gave me a broad side. . .

I’ll get the other entries judged asap.

I really think we should stick to modeling for now on the contest. . . was there a topic decided?



Glad to see you’re still among the living.:wink:

No decision on the next contest as far as I know. Some want to animate, I know that much. I probably won’t be part of that contest, but if there was another modeling contest, I would probably participate.

Can’t we do both?



I agree with Jim in saying that I will probably not do the animation contest, but we did say when this was started that there would be an animation contest…


don’t know if there are enough people for both.

Why don’t we do something more. . . achedemic.

Like modeling your favirate insect.


Or your favorite meal!

I’ll start with shrimp cocktail, side salad with raspberry vinegrette dressing, glass of merlot, filet mignon with a baked potato, coffee and cheesecake, and a nice cigar on the terrace.

Sorry, my stomache is thinking for me.



How about:

1: Modelling your favorite mythical character.

2: Modeling a city, or land, scape

3: A Deep Water Creature

4: An Alien

That’s all I got for now.


How about:

1.- A futuristic or fantastic car

2.- A biomechanical dragon

3.- Innovative musical instrument



I don’t know why we wouldnt just stick with the plan. I know people have put alot of work into these models and I think it would be cool to see the winning model animated. :hmm:


I understand …
“The whole idea of this contest is to strengthen the community…”

Well things don’t always go as planned. Glad to hear there is nothing seriously wrong at Wegg’s end. We just never know. Glad your with the living too! Unfortunately I think it was a bit disappointing and destructive. Not that your not dead :wink: but that there were/are problems getting this finalized.

That said, it is true, we might not have enough people for both so it would make sense to do which ever one would bring in the most amount of people/interest. These things tend to grow or die out and it is in desperate need of a kick start!

I have been waiting for the animation portion and that’s got my vote. I don’t think I am going out on a limb here saying that JTalbotski’s work is at a bit higher caliber than the rest of us mere mortals (not saying there shouldn’t be a formal vote - you never know) Now if he wins and is willing to donate the model, I think that alone would bring in a lot of people. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity. But let’s decide, start it right, and quickly!


If the animation contest is done, we could always post on the official boards right away that it is going on. I know there are alot of people who would love a chance to animate the winning dwarf.

I’ll just wait for the next modeling contest though since I can barely animate a half-way descent walk cycle.


Inspired by those matrix models on the front page how about “famous caricatures” for the modeling contest.


I really like the idea of a caricature. I prefer modeling characters over anything else, so my hope is for more character modeling contests.

But I recall there were several people who were looking forward to an animating contest who didn’t take part in the modeling contest. Some that I know are very talented, Justin Barrett among others. It would be cool to see what they come up with.



Anyone for a contest making themed sets in which to hold the animation contest?

[li]Rooms in a haunted house
[/li][li]holes that are homes for dwarves
[/li][li]mythical settings
[/li][li]or something…

have the set be fully lit and animated…

Or maybe I’ve just been playing too much Uru lately, but I’m dying to make somewhere interesting…



Hey Drakkheim, I kinda like that idea. They do need somewhere to animate that winning dwarf.