New modeling contest topics?


I’m trying to get hold of some pro-artist friends of mine to judge the dwarf modeling contest but I’d like to get started on the next one.

Can we start talking about what we would like to see as a topic?


Yeah, exported models.

It would be cool to see a ‘mechanical’ theme. Have seen mechanical stuff done here and there with A:M that was really smashing. I’m thinking of Anzovin’s recent postings on the Hash forum.


How about Dwarf Women? do they really have beards… …or just mustachios?

I guy I worked took a staged photo of a midget woman friend of his. I was amazed at how well perportioned she was. He put her in a rendered city as a giant. Very beautiful imagery!

Im not sure what the politically corrent terms are and appologize if anyone is offended by the term midget. :slight_smile:


I was under the impression that the next contest would be an animation contest using the winning model from the model contest.

Are we going to run 2 contests at the same time? One an animation contest and one a modeling contest? Nothing wrong with that, but it may become a bit hectic for some people.

I’m personally not wild about doing mechanical modeling, but that doesn’t mean anything against mechanical modeling. I really respect the precision of those who can do it well. I just don’t enjoy it.

If we were to do another character type model, maybe a caricature or likeness of a celebrity would be interesting to do.



Or caricature yeah! That would be a blast. For a look at some great ones go over to the LW forum here and look at what PI3141 has been doing with Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee.


Yep, I’m with Jim I vote for starting the animation contest next. I would like to see the winning character get animated :slight_smile:


My vote is for simultaneous competitions. Not everyone will want to model and not everyone will want to animate, or you could pick which one you wanted to do more this time around.

Would the animation be something akin to the “10 Second Club” type of thing ( A limit of 10 seconds would make the files easier to download and host. Participants will have to have their own website to host them since the file limit here is 20k.

For the next modeling contest I like the idea of a caricature, but I also liked some of the ideas not used last time.


I would like to finish what we started, make sure it works and has its own steam - I too was under the impression we’d offer the winning dwarf up for an animation competition.

Maybeafter we have at least a modelling contest done and judged and an animation contest done and judged we could run two contests at the same time.

I’m not worried about prizes and such - I just want to see we can run and complete competitions. Then we’ll attract more people to this forum as there would be an end in sight to stuff. By jumping into another contest without an “endgame” to the last, I’m afraid we’re not going to set any good examples. Why would I bother going to the effort again I ask myself.

Not a swipe at anyone, just my personal opinion For What It’s Worth…


Well, another week has gone by. :hmm:

Are we any closer to having the first contest finished? Do we have judges yet? Have they looked at the images? Should we just call it a tie and forget about it?

This really doesn’t bode well for any future contests in this forum.



Well I hope we can get the first one sucessfully concluded as I’m very excited about the A:M challenge thing.

Perhaps we could have our moderator judge them? Or our moderator and another from CGTalk (heck Proton from LW even peeked in here and said he was interested in A:M a while back) so maybe that’s a solution? Just brainstorming.

We should have this ironed out before the next challenge starts.


WHat about setting up a poll and letting everybody vote?


How about a nominated person to take over when Wegg is too busy with the commercial stuff?

This could be a different person for every contest. Its such a shame the current contest is ending like this. We are all making suggestions but unable to act as nobody wants to usurp Wegg. However, we have a forum to make work and contests to run.
We need to act soon.


Gotta agree. Even if Wegg is busy with stuff a quick post to let the participants know whats going on is a nice idea. Itll take what 2 minutes? Id nominate JTalbotski. He has work that is well respected as much as he is.


Thanks very much, but I think it should be someone who is not entered in the contest.

My Fault, Obnomauk, would either of you be willing? I believe both of you offered some of the prizes, so it might be the fairest thing to do, for you and us also, if either or both of you set up the judging.



I’ll do whatever I can to help, though I think only Wegg can set up the poll. I was also going to harrass…err… I mean ask (LOL) Joe Williamsen if he would vote as well.

Maybe we could snag Balistic and Joe Cosman too.


there’s a poll function whenever anyone wishes to set up a new thread. I’m not sure if you can double vote though.

I set one up long ago over whether vs 10 was worth upgrading to some time back. An alternative is to have a thread with a deadline (started by MyFault or Obnomauk) and people wishing to vote reply to the thread and state their choice.

Not very secret but it ensures no double voting!:bounce:

Last resort is to contact Tito or Leonard. They run CGTalk, if they can’t set up a secure voting or poll system, no one can.

Maybe we could snag Balistic and Joe Cosman too.
they work with Wegg, if he’s snowed under with business, so will they!


Hey, your right, anybody can do a poll. I’m a bit hesitant as I don’t want to step on Wegg’s toes. Nothin worse then an angry Aussie! :stuck_out_tongue:

That probably is the best idea though. That way no one can vote more then once and people will have to spread out there birbes a bit more :scream:


I’ll email Wegg again and let him know what we are trying to do. I’ll ask if he would mind if we got the voting done ourselves or would he rather run the contest voting. (In which case he should actually contact this forum periodically to let us know what is happening.)



didn’t know Wegg was an Aussie?

I don’t want to step on Wegg’s toes. Nothin worse then an angry Aussie!
we better do this before England thrash the Aussies at rugby then…

Ah well, how about someone with his email contact him and let him know. If we hear nothing by oh, say wednesday Sydney time, someone set up a voting thread and we finish close it Friday.

Nice and snappy. The we move on to an Animation contest. I ain’t no animator so would be happy to do the closing ceremony stuff.

No Fair! Jim got my words out before I could!


Didn’t mean to say Wegg lives in Australia (he’s in Utah), but it seems like I heard the telltale accent in one of his videos. He could also just be eccentric and likes to use a strange accent. If it’s good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for Weggy! :stuck_out_tongue: