New mocap system used by ILM & Weta??


Anybody knows what kind of mocap they are using.
They are recording on location, it seems they are using some sort of tracking using artag recognition.


Both Weta and ILM use a proprietary solution for open stage capture AFAIK.

Any reason why this is in the programming section?


I will like to see the math behind that, its there any technical paper around?


The math itself for the processing wouldn’t be too different from any given optical mocap system, it’s the setup itself and the sophistication of the staging to filter interferences and manage the rather large data feeds that’s usually the challenge.

I don’t think there’s any papers around regarding what is fundamentally the hardware side of things, it’s largely signal coupling, shoot management and so on.


You know anything about this one, they are using fractals(sierpinski triangle)

I guess they can recognize any give triangle and go back to the main one. The triangles at the chest and biceps are different.

They have different versions, this one its using fractals and tags

Thanks in advance