New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Bah, hot blonde ass hoop rules. :drool:


shoosh on the ass stuff before someone models one and posts a huge pic of it here!!..haha :slight_smile:


Great, amzing, fantastic ! What else can i say ?


very cool, being a student i love seeing someone post high quality work (and setting a benchmark for myself) and employers actually responding in real time. it really gives me hope and inspiration that if you have top skills you Can get a job. ps the model kind of reminds me of a video from the 3d studio max r2 demo/promo cd that had a blizzard cinematic on it. I can truely say that the beginning of my 3d career/ interest began with that promo cd. weird that that stands out. I had no idea about any 3d program ever existed, my mom’s co worker at an insurance company accidentaly recieved the 3ds cd in his mail and gave it to my mom, because he new i liked video games. hmmm what would i be doing if not for that cd…


As srich23 said, as a student these kind of things really push us forward!! In every single way, i mean motivation for an amazing work, and hope after seeing the good response from higher levels at this industry!
:bowdown: Very very impressive. :bowdown:

PS:Like someone said before at this thread, CG TALK thanks for giving such a chance to everybody! Thanks, thanks, thanks… :applause:


:insane: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
pts ta sinistro. :eek:


What a great level of detail! i am watching the gun alone for 15 minutes…very convincing. You can easily imagine grabbinging it and you almost know how it feels in your hands…:smiley: one could do pretty much damage with this mmmmh…


AWESOME !!! :eek: :eek:
Good Luck With Blizzard !!! :thumbsup:


:eek: that smooth shaded rifle thing is awesome!

amazing modeling


Those are… the coolest looking models I’ve seen on these forums. Oh my God lol! Can’t wait to see the Wireframe … drooling


I would love to see a wireframe of the large gun, PRE meshsmoothed of course, any chance of that? Just want to see the low poly cage, the gun is as amazing as the character!!!


:applause: dude u seriously rock big time, when i frist saw this i was like devastated. It is quite rare to see someone with that type of caliber, and if u dont mind me asking is there like a trade secret to make those textures, especially the face so REALISTIC?
i would be very grateful how one can even start texturing like that, at any rate great job.
p.s man ppl like u makes me think twice about ever posting my work in this site :stuck_out_tongue:


i just read how u created yur texture i guess i should have read before i posted anything :slight_smile: but still awesome job!
p.s how does one put one of those pictures below screen name???


Simply amazing, you sure have a lot of talent!
Heh, I registred here after lurking around for a loong time just to say that :smiley:
Congratulations to the interest from the big dogs also :thumbsup:


I hope to see wires soon :wink:



was just wondering about the facila shots… does he have eylashes ? … and to me the noze looks strange. But the rest sure looks great !



Hi everybody, and thanks again for all comments and tips… I will put eyelaches and eyebrows… and I will adjust the specular of the skin… and Gkaine, I´m in doubt… you are the guy that made the orc to send to Blizzard?




dear lord i wish. my avater comes straight from a blizz artist. i beleive his name is ryan :smiley:


Originally posted by Gkaine
dear lord i wish. my avater comes straight from a blizz artist. i beleive his name is ryan :smiley:

yeah that looks like ryan’s work. :slight_smile:


I agree with the others for the highlights.

Also, from an animation point of view, get rid of the dog tags. Their gonna be alot of work to animate, and in any case, no marine, trooper, or whatever would wear them there. It’s not logical.

good work:thumbsup: