New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


congratulation :slight_smile:


incredible characters you kake man…love the guns design too…and the texturing in the same level like modeling…cool…Like this Final Fantasy style

my work:


Amazing work, fantastic job. :smiley:


veeeeeery nice!! :thumbsup:


HOHO!A cool model!

To work in the Blizzard is my goal!
love it


Perhaps you are already too good for them!



yeah man biggest respect 2u.
Can u post link 2 ur web page or demo reel plz u are my GOD :slight_smile:


Very nice model end very nice job u got there ;)!

You have been an inspiration to me, since my goal is to work at blizzard too.

Can we see your demoreel?

Sorry for bringing an old topic back =|.


wow man great job i hope you get the job. if you dont i feel sorry for them.
keep up the great work.

ROCK ON:twisted: :buttrock:


We need to improve, you’re an example of the work that is well done, it’s well done at any place in the world, so we must follow our dreams. This is a lesson of hope, and CONGRATULATIONS for your new work, i know it happened months ago so i hope you still working on blizzard, let’s show em that we can! :thumbsup:


That is awesome…pretty nice…
The character look real…


Well it’s been what, 2 years since Fausto posted his character and I still find myself going back to this thread and after all this time it still motivates me just as much as it did a year ago when I first came across it.

Man I wonder what characters and sets he worked on for the past Blizzard cinematics. Sorry for digging up this “old ass thread” but I just had to :slight_smile:


It’s clear that Fausto ignores his fan club in cgtalk…he barely comes 1 time each year :shrug:

Anyuways maybe one day we’ll see his demoreel, maybe right now it’s kinda old stuff…I think that he must be much better right now, only see that he textured the guy of the machineflesh challenge in 1 or 2 days :rolleyes: (if I don’t remember bad)

Personally I think that with his marine character he wouldn’t enter Blizzard right now because it was done in 2003 and now there are a lot of people who can model and texture like that IMO (that’s why I say he must be really better right now)…

Anyways, Fausto, good luck. Maybe some day you will devote more to the community that admires you and asks for you, showing some techniques for modelling/texturing/whatever… that make us slobber like in that day of the marine :drool:

or maybe only say hello!



well that’ll get him back… bad sarcasm!


That Was Amazing Pal’ Surely Blizzard Will Going To Hire U Soon’ Just Hope N Wait
I Can See U Have So Much Talent To Do 3-d Stuff, Man I Like Marine Troopers In That Starcraft Games’



The reason that I never came back to this thread is because I would never imagined that you guys could be still interested on this particular work… as DDS says, is really old already… but I’d like to say many thanks for everybody for the support and the nice words, and I feel really proud with the fact that you guys stil look to this thread.
The reason that I’ve been away from cgtalk and other forums is because I’m working in USA, and I have wife and 2 kids… so, lately I didn’t make too many personal projects… I’ve been studying zbrush on my spare time… You can see this WIP:

Well, thanks a lot for the interest on my work, and I promisse that when I have some work to show, I’ll post here.

See ya!

Fausto De Martini.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good job man.

Good luck in the future!


for ***new mariner design to Blizzard character***[color=pink]very great modelling and texturing…textures are really perfect.[/color]
all elements in your work are amazing:) …looking super[color=pink]*CONGRATULATION!!!:thumbsup: [/color]

additionally…your last ***z-brush wip model*** is going nice!!


I love this thread and I dont care if he visits very little. It should inspire everyone that if you want it you can do it.


I would really like to see all of the pictures in the start of this thread !!

please :wink:

looks really nice on the only picture that is still working