New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


If you email me some images I can host

now lets see that goodness :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun to see this thread is still alive :slight_smile:

Shaykai: I see your point, but you can always unsubscribe to a thread ya know :wink:


I can´t se a sh*t.:cry: :cry: :cry:

Man I hope that you will finish your site soon so I can se your work.:slight_smile:


I can’t see any image. Send them to me and I’ll host this amazing work.


It’s been a while since you made this. Any word from Blizzard? Or are you gonna do the animation first? :bounce:


woa! Puh sorry that i didnt read through all 25 pages. BUT i finally got to se what everybody was so crazy about.

hm i agree that you have real potential as a 3d modeler. Perhaps not as a texturer in that extent. Great facial details though.

ONT big thing you need to work however is anatomy. One obvious example is you arms in this picture.
It doesnt really convince me of being muscles.

Other then that GOOD LUCK on Bliizard. AND if you do get to work there let them know to thank the GW artists for the warcraft universe and creatures!!.. :wink:


oh my god. I love this so much, marines totally kick ass :buttrock:

I hope you get into blizzard, This is one of the best models ive seen, and I believe that blizzard only accept the best :thumbsup:


Hi all,
Is there someone that knows where can see the images for witch all talking about. :eek:




I just wish we could have news about Fausto any time soon…


Hello everybody!!!

Say, Fausto how/ where did you learn to model/texture that amazing way???
Don’t know what Blizzard is, sorry everyone for my ignorance, but I do hope you achieve your goal .



it’s a long long time that I don’t reply on this thread… I’m so glad with all the critics and the compliements about my work!!! The cool news is: I got the job at Blizzard!!! I’m working there for 6 months now!! It’s such an amazing place!! I’m really really happy!!! Thanks for everybody for support me!!

See ya!

Fausto De Martini


Congrats :slight_smile:

You need to get your site up though :wink:



Thats great news. A really inspirational thread.



Hey that’s great news!

Congratulations. I’m glad to see that all of your hard work paid off. This goes to show that if you are talented and go after your goals, that anything is possible.


Nice one, Fausto! Congrats! :thumbsup:
Don’t forget to occasionally post something new here, ok? :wink:
(or I bet you don’t have time for private work anymore!!!)


i always check back to this thread. thats so great you actualy got the job at blizzard. i am soooooooo envious of you. great job man you, have made it


wooow, Congrats!:drool:


That is just too cool. Really shows that if you try hard enough things will work out. Have an awesome time…and make some good shit for us to see in upcoming games!!!


Its good to hear that Fausto

great work and you really deserve thist job