New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Did u also get the job??? Cuz… you really should!!!

:eek: :buttrock:


Hey Fausto,

Man… Every one have said it but I’ve got to say it again… YOUR WORK IS FANTASTIC!.. :bounce::bounce::bounce:

We, brazilians, are ver pround to see another brazilian showing such a talent to all the world…:applause: :applause:

We hope you find the job you want, cause you deserve it… :thumbsup:

ps: sorry for may poor english




… do you have some wireframes, fausto?

Os meus parabéns!!!:applause:


fausto :

Damn good work !! :applause:
I want see you demoreel :slight_smile:


like many others have said :stuck_out_tongue: amazing :slight_smile:

btw wire links are dead :frowning:


really wish i could view this…


great job fausto! :thumbsup:
i luv it! :cool:


clean and beautiful work. His face seams to be real. The facial concepts are really great. I hope u can get alle the job u want. :scream:

wireframes would be nice to see… :buttrock:


<whine>i wanna sseeeee…</whine>
why isnt it up anymore?


For some strange reason i don’t see the original images posted they show up as red crosses :frowning:

Is that a tem thing or is that just me ?


Dude why are you n00bs bringing up this old ass thread?


Shaykai: Dude why are you n00bs bringing up this old ass thread?

-No comments…

ShadowM8, I’m hosting the images on a new site…

Thanks for the kind words about my work, well, of corse except by the fellow above.



Personally, I dont mind this thread being brought up again and again, and I really love your work. Good luck with your employment search, could you offer any advice to someone young like myself who is hoping to make a career of 3d animation?


fausto : Can I see you demoreel?


amazing works, very very good design


Originally posted by Shaykai
Dude why are you n00bs bringing up this old ass thread?

Dude at least try to hide your jealousy :rolleyes:


Thanks allot for those links!
Your works is simply amazing…


definately would love to see the demo reel, didnt get a chance to get it from your site before it went down


Eu sei que é chover no molhado e é um tópico antigo, mas tu fez um excelente trabalho.

[english] I know it is an old topic, but you have done an amazing work [/english]


:thumbsup: Hey I’m glad to see this one again, as I wanted to show your work to a freind, and couldn’t find it :smiley: