New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


It’s impossible to really add anything new to this thread. Unless i said that it was the worst model i’d ever seen. But it’s not. It’s ace. By the way, i’m starting a new pressure group named ‘Fausto Is Way Too Good, Lets Ban Him’ if anyone is interested.

Although, i would say the arm texture could use a bit of work, i liked it better on the first images. But it’s hard to criticise such a beast of a model.

Keep up the good work.:beer:


I personally like the yellow colored hair because it makes him seem more cool, but this is nice. :slight_smile: I love how you can see the bumps and hair on his arm. Can’t wait for your tutorial.


It’s good to see brazilians guys doind great work like that…

Bom trabalho fausto :thumbsup:


The new pose of the character is incredible, but yes, i preferred the reddish hair :wink:


I’m impressed - I salute you, for magnificent deeds shouldn’t go unheralded!!!:applause:


Cadê? :shrug: Cadê? :insane: Onde? :argh: - The link is broken :cry:!
I can’t see neither the mariner or your site.


I see nothing but X’s . :cry:


the new link:




can we see the wireframe of the final poster pleasE… :slight_smile: its really awesome by the way…:bounce:


Phat stuff


Your demo reel is awesome BTW :eek: x 8539857398


nm i found it … wow its good:eek:


Fuc**ng master :applause:


‘mantenha os braços baixos enquanto a armadura se posiciona… ou morra’ eeheh excelente

gostei muito :beer:

boa sorte :thumbsup:


Originally posted by The Magic Pen
Your demo reel is awesome BTW :eek: x 8539857398

Where’s his reel??


Fausto, o teu site está sempre em baixo e não da para ver a tua demo. Será possivel colocares num outro lado para que o pessoal possa ver o teu trabalho?

Can anyone who have seen the demo put a mirror for us or upload to someones FTP, to download?



I will ask to Lildragon if he can host my demoreel…




Obrigado, fausto!!!:thumbsup:


is it just me? other than the pics of the final poster i cannot see any pics of the marine…is there any other way to look at them? any website?!


I have a webpage with some images… the link is: