New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


I think the Venice studio Blur may suit better. Head of Oddworld Lorne Lanning and I used to work together at Rhythm & Hues, and he knows what he’s doing. Anyway, work like Fausto’s would match Blur’s style…more so than Oddworld’s which is little more quirky and dark.

With Blur, I would just watch your back. Haven’t worked at Oddworld but it’s very focused and intense.



I agree with Ed here. Your style is much better suited to Blur’s work. By the way, I met Lorne Lanning at SIGGRAPH last Summer, what a great guy. I’d love to work for them. Oddworld has churned out some of the most interesting game media I’ve ever seen. Blur too for that matter. And I can imagine that working for either would be quite focused and intense, albeit rewarding.:stuck_out_tongue:
But, Ed, would you agree with me, this kid here has what it takes to work nearly anywhere? The boy is good, no doubts there.:thumbsup:


Originally posted by AC_Shrike
The boy is good, no doubts there

Sounds a little like watto from episode I


Wow, someone actually cought that! Heheheh.:applause:
But fausto definitely gots the goods.:buttrock:


kewl stuff man, butt… as an art director i would think they would want to see more original concepts along with this submission. i’m a big fan of blizzard and this character is just copied as far as i’m concerned. it’s great if your trying to get a production job but if you want them to recognized your ability to conceptualize then ad more original characters that would fit blizzards style especially focus on creating senerios for projects they are currently working on. never know thayt might like it so much they have to go back to the drawing board just to include your submission. good luck to ya you definitely do good work.



great job!!! :thumbsup:


great work…but i think ,that the helmet don´t fix to your massive marine armor…


Originally posted by TES
great work…but i think ,that the helmet don´t fix to your massive marine armor…

the helmet is not for that marine…
read his post :wink:


Amazing work… :buttrock:


Amazing,as a student i was glab to see this also…well well done

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



I’m posting a image with the mariner in another position… I reduce the speculars, add some hair on the arms and turn the hair black… the skinning is quite simply yet (no morph angle deformers and muscles) but the image have been made for a poster, so it works…

the link is:




Tiehehehe… I like it… MUCH. Very much? Yes.


All great, weapons, textures all, but the fingernails!!! Man those good! =)


I only hope to be as good as you when i finish school.
anyways, the only concern I have is the skin color. He kinda looks
like is glazed with a shell of sugar. under the left hand glove he skin apears to have a good color to it. I’m thinking it might be the lighting. the head area (shaved) looks good but the face is too
glazed. sory I can’t Identify your problem but I’m still in school so maby in a couple of months I’ll know…:rolleyes:
keep up hte good work…:wip:

? What 3D program are yo using?


oops, I put the pistol on the wrong side… I have adjusted the color of the arms too… the new image:


WOW, i saw this ahwile ago, but didn’t comment looks awesome !!! :bounce:


That is some awesome work man. I too wish I could even come close to making something this great.:buttrock:


again, very nice work fausto.


Beautiful work fausto! I think the skin on the arms needs work tho.



Just perfect
:drool: :eek: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: