New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Parabens Fausto. Me matou de inveja. Vai logo realizar seu sonho de ir trabalhar pra eles lá fora. Tudo o que eu queria da vida ::frowning:

Vai lá, mostra como se faz.


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[B]Some of your weathering/residue on the breastplate is covering the grooves in the armor plate more than they should. You should still be able to make out the grooves through them. Otherwise though, your work is fantastic!

Michael Duffy [/B]

I think what your talking about is dents in his armor. At least thats what it looks like to me. The thing I found so awesome about this was that shot of the hand, thats texturing blew my mind.


great job


56,886 views!?! Thats got to be some kind of a record.


56,886 views!?! Thats got to be some kind of a record.

…and it never ends rising:p


Parabens Fausto…tu mostra o que os BRAZUCAS tambem tem de bom!!!quando olhei suas imagens pela primeira vez (nem acreditei)aeuuheaue …tu é foda:applause:


SO GOOD…@_@:eek:


Ae Fausto…

Tão impressionante qto o modelo é a repercussão que ele tá dando. PARABËNS!!! Concordo com quem disse que esse é o melhor modelo 3d nesse fórum.

Tenho certeza que vc não vai ter problemas para ir para o exterior , mas se eu fosse vc mandaria uma fita para a ILM tb.

Com todo esse talento vc teria grande chances de entrar lá tb.:thumbsup:

Mais uma vez PARABÉNS!!!


:slight_smile: First of all I think that it is a fantastic display of work, both technically and artistically. If there is any C&C to offer the only that might be worth considering is that I always thought that these space marine characters were outfitted for a more space like environment, ie a containment/astronaunt suit. Going with that train of thought sleeves and a helmet would be required for reasons of air and temperature. However your interpretation certainly isn’t hurting you at all, but it might be cool to show how this suit could be configurable for space purposes as well. So then you have two strong pieces 1. which works in an atmosphere environment and 2. another that can operate without one. This modularity aspect and attention to detail and context would I think be appreciated by the blizard people due to the insight and understanding of truely how such a character would be fully integrated in such a universe. Might sound a little geeky but basically the exploration of context could be of benefit to both grow an already monsterously strong peice (without much extra work)and an understanding of the methodology of how it would seemlessly integrate into the Star Craft universe might give u some xtra points when presenting it to blizzard.
Just my 2cents for whatever its worth?


Hi everybody and thanks for the comments and tips… I like to show a pilot head that I’m making for a 3D total’s tutorial… I have to make this tut before I continue the mariner…




Bungie are hiring


Another excellent model! :thumbsup:


both your models are amazing!

whats the new 3dtotal tutorial on?


nice gun…
good hand-
but the hand, I can modle a better one.
very good work man.



Fausto that is a fantastic model just like the other one.

I know you said you are doing a tut for 3dtotal and you use MAX to boast, yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Looking forward to the tutorial dude and i’m thanking you in advance.



:eek: looks real good, i want to see that tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:


Woooooow, That’t really shake me. !!! Well doneman. Keep post this great works…:buttrock:


The second head looks very nice as well, but there are a few areas on the mesh that are quite messy. All those N-sided polys and vertices stacked together might give you some headache when you’re going to animate it…


The tutorial is about texture techniques… I will texturize the helmet…




Sweet fausto, allways love texturing tuts but seriously dude, what we wan’t to see is the insane modeling.



hey fasuto? have u already heard anything from blizzard??

and again, incredible incredible work!!!