New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Parhapps light infantry for SC ghost? he seems to light equiped for a marine. Good modeling anyway!


I aint in the same league as you mate i dont really have much beef with this guy…he’s quality, one thought i had was that the detail on the dog tags seemed to be very little compared to everything else. maybe you cud pput some engravin on their or a clever texture…but like i said, different league mate.

its excellent:applause:


You know, I saw this thread a while ago now, and just took a cruise through it again, and honestly, it STILL kicks ass.

Usually when I see something that gives a strong first impression, most pieces of art start to lose their strength over time… and everytime I look at this, it still holds the same level of awe. There’s very little that I would change.

Truely one of the most impressive peices I have seen in a long time.

Fausto, please keep us up to date on this character, and your career path so that some of us can live vicariously through you, and cheer you on!

Good Luck,

:thumbsup: :beer:


Truly awesome stuff…



Nice for low polys espeacially,but add some next time,XBOX 2 will alow this :wink: dev for it already has started.Fine work.:thumbsup:


Weapon looks vvvery nice.
i believe it AKM-247 :slight_smile:


Animation, animation, animation!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Update !! Update !!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


@.@I’m almost sure u’ll get the job*nodnod


yeah a small update would be great :smiley: :drool:


this is waaay too awesome, I DONT KNOW how you do it…and its not only THIS OUTSTANDING job, its also the other jobs I see people post here. how old are you all? Im 20, but I suck! I really suck at 3dsmax ;_____;


I’m just finishing a job and soon I will put some updates… (I need more spare time!!!)

Thanks for all,



Great stuff Fausto :drool:


great!!! I like it so much:drool: :thumbsup:


You are so hired.


cant believe i never saw this before…

:drool: !!!

Fantastic!!! :beer:


Just read through all 16 pages… all I can saw is awesome work. Both the character model and the weapons rock! Can’t wait to see the animation.


me 2.

Great job props


This is without a doubt, the best model I’v ever seen!

Absolutely pro work, and I think the fact that there are 237 replies spreaded upon 16 pages(!) just about says it all!!

Beautiful work man, keep it up.


i think blizzard should be the one running up to you, and not you to them…

unbelievable work… 5 stars!:buttrock: