New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Wow that’s cool…it gives this noob some hope. How long have you been doing this kind of work? I hope you get that job.


Really awesome work, it deserves 5 stars.

Neverlees, the modellisation is not that clean : there’s a lot of tris that could be avoided , and the same for 5 sided polygons.

Except that, really awesome work ! :thumbsup:


awesome:applause: :applause: :applause:
Blizzard is waiting for you:buttrock:




thats crazy stuff… very pretty :slight_smile:



I hope to see an animation soon, i’m really excited and curious about what you can do with a timeline :wink:


Altho I think every1 has already said this, I can’t resist … AWESOME!!!


Fausto, que coisa, cara! Meu, estou sem palavras pra te elogiar.
Posso ver que pela grande quantidade de replys você gastou todos os elogios que existiam com esse trabalho.
Cara, se vc não entrar pra Blizzard, acho que você entra fácil pra ILM!
Você honra nosso país com seu trabalho.
Continue assim.
Philipe Kling David


Max 5 huh?

Does your process for working with subdivision surfaces rely on HSDS or NURMs or are you just toggling a meshsmooth to preview frequently?

Lots of us are probably wondering what method you use to preview your smoothed surface while working on your polygon cage.

Thanks for the post, great job on everything and best of luck.


HOLY Scabadi!!!

This is great man hope you get that job; if not i dont understand blizzard.



IMO a single model can’t grant a job. You need an entire reel to get a job, but i’m sure you’ll do a great job with that :wink:


You do not need an entire reel to show off superior skill , I work in games and this guys one model looks better then 99.999999 % of all applicants reels I have ever seen …


Yeah i agree with you but we’re talking about Blizzard, not one random company, anyway i’m not that expert… :wink:



I`d love to see the Textures for your Model. Would it be possible to show them to us?

Thx a lot!

BTW, GREAT work! I love it!


Simply amazing work, when Ive got some more time I’ll read through the whole topic.


This is some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen… you really deserve to be employed by Blizzard Entertainment for your efforts in this. Good luck! :buttrock:


You got The Job…:applause: :beer: :wink: :rolleyes: :buttrock:
I’m never seen somthing like that


correct me if i am wrong but… linking do you work at blizzard or are you just saying you think he should get it ? :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, just wow

i cant believe this wasnt on the front page… or was it and ive been living in a hole?


Awesome model and textures!


damn your website is still down… find someone to host more of your images for you… or use a freebie site like picturetrail or something!!! GET YOUR PORTFOLIO ON LINE! get a bidding war started with all this attention your getting!!!