New Mariner Design To Blizzard Entertainment, Fausto (3D)


Hi! I’m doing this mariner to try get a job on Blizzard Entertainment… I know thats will not be easy, but I have a lot of hope (hint)… animation coming soon…

I have used my hand as model first, than I made the changes to appear stronger…

On the face, I will put the eyebrows, eyelashes and the tongue… I made some morph tests…


wow thats really good.
my goal is to work at blizzard some day to :stuck_out_tongue: but im still far from your point…good luck to you it looks blizz quality imo


Awesome. Starcraft 2? If that won’t get you in there, I dunno what else could :wink:
The only crit I could have is that he looks like he has white dust all over him… That might be your intention though, but anyway, it’s a bit like he’s got a coating of sugar :wink:

Also… Is the face texture painted from scratch or is it a digital photo of someone?


Amazing stuff fausto!:slight_smile:



amazing work!!


URCKA…!!!..Fausto…:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Looks very impresive, guy is badass;) Really only thing not good enough are skin materials. They look too plastic (arms) amd face has too much specular I think… He begs for SSS , even fake or in post :wink:


I believe Blizzard is currently hiring so you should be in luck. You should also submit some low count poly work for in game as well. They usually ask for 10-15 examples of your best work for modeling and a demo reel for animators. Good Luck!:thumbsup:




That looks awesome, really!! :bounce:


holy shit that rocks :eek:
excellent work :thumbsup:


Some of your weathering/residue on the breastplate is covering the grooves in the armor plate more than they should. You should still be able to make out the grooves through them. Otherwise though, your work is fantastic!

Michael Duffy


Wow, this is simply magnificent. I agree that the specularity may be too high, but I don’t think it really detracts from it any. I love the amount of detail in this. And I think this character would make an excellent addition in Starcraft 2!


That’s some great modelling :applause:

I so think that some of the textures need to be tweaked though - as Azazel also mentioned, the specular is too strong and not well defined enough on the skin.

The textures on the gun also look very baked - like the lighting is in the images, not the actual scene.

Otherwise, fantastic work!!


I agree with Leigh, otherwise incredible stuff, can’t wait to see this animated! :beer:


As one of my friends would say: “That’s mad whack dude”

Good job Fausto, and hopefully that’s what you’ll receive from Blizzard. I am huge gamer and its nice to know that there’s artists out there that makes these games look the way they do. Please let us all know if Blizzard snags you (they should or we’ll beat em up for ya).

Good luck,



Hei, thanks for the kind words… I’m very glad with the comments… I’m working on specular of the skin… I gona put a map on “dust”, so it will be softier (less intense) and more noisier.

thanks for all.


This is ace my friend, I’m glad I seen it before your host maxed out, can you send me a few images? Here’s my address and I’ll host them for ya, plus I’ll see what we can do about landing you a job :slight_smile: this is getting an award for sure… I would like to plug it

excellent job



Ok bud you can take those off your site, don’t want you to have a huge bill come month end. I’ll reupload them on our server (no I can’t do this for everyone sorry :)) Also look on in a minute…

I’ll host these until all the hit cools down… be back



man, this is very very good work

you have lots of talent, keep it up!!! :buttrock: :thumbsup: