New Mac Pro!


The new Mac Meh. It’s not really workstation if it’s not dual socket… IMHO.
That 28 core Xeon is a beast; Best chip on the market by far in terms of raw speed and single proc speed.
But there’s not two of them and two 20 core Xeon Gold CPU will hammer it in benchmark scores.

Props to Fruit company for making a new computer and stopping the masses from whining.
But no NVIDIA, no dual socket option. Makes it a weak contender to the PC throne.


Tell that to the people who’ve been making special effects for the past 20 years.
GOT FX weren’t done on a Mac, Marvel movie FX weren’t made on a Mac; Nobody in the VFX world takes that platform seriously.

What they’re providing is a glorified editing machine. Not a CGI production beast.

There’s cheapo PCs for sure. We can agree on that. But industry pros know what they’re buying.
No matter how you configure a new Apple Mac Pro, it’ll only ever come within 60% of beating a top of the line PC workstation that you can build today; imagine what you can build in a year, with Intel and AMD battling it out.

There’s a market for this new machine. Guys who don’t wear socks, have top knots and think that their generic motion graphics reels make them great artists.


Ok, but are VFX people the ONLY people who use these kinds of software ply their trade? The answer, since you seem to be utterly clueless, is a resounding, deafening NO! But kudos for somehow managing to both overlook and insult those of us here who make our living doing more than enhancing explosions in movies about magic rocks.

Stay classy, Priest…



i hope you feel at least a little bit ashamed for that last statement of your post.


Priest gulped down a little too much sauce.


:kissing_heart: “”


Because they’re so cheap you can afford to upgrade every 3-5 years and double your performance each time, rather than having to hold onto old tech because there’s nothing new worth upgrading to.


As for the monitor, their is a market for very high end monitors capable of what this will be able to do. I don’t see them flying out of the door though but this seems like a fairly amazing monitor for colour critical work, such as retouching grading etc. Still it’s a mad price if you compare it to a run of the mill monitor.

A grand gets you a super accurate EIZO 27 inch 4k screen fully capable of colour critical work. $6k for this may be a bargain compared to a $40k screen nobody here has even heard of, but it is still a terrible price compared to even a high end EIZO screen.


I agree with Mash here, I don’t think I ever stopped using a PC because it stopped working. Only because I could double the power for a reasonable price. Mac users would do the same (like iphone users do) if they had the opportunity.

This one doesn’t look as pretty as the former cheesegrater (more like a fancy filing cabinet), but at least it looks functionnal and modular, that’s the only thing that matters. Altough not sure how smart it is to put the power button and usb ports that far center of the top side.


Only a little @everfresh. His “its just more efficient from a workflow perspective” comment, set me off.
How can something be more efficient, if you have to wait longer for everything to process?
When you have to turn off Gouraud shading in favor of what your machine can handle when it starts to crawl in the simplest of scenes…

There’s always been a level of pomposity that comes with Mac ownership for me.
Like they’re using the Ferrari of computers, and the rest of us are suckers.

I’ve been working in this industry for 20 years, and for 20 years people have asked me “oh, you don’t use a Mac?”

No I do not. I chose the PC workstation, because they’re usually far more capable.


Ah, nothing brings people together like a new Mac announcement.


"Love is in the air… " :slight_smile:


This is a step in the right direction, but is a great example of the Apple tax.

$6000 buys you a low end workstation here.

I have a machine I built that is:
32 cores
128 gigs of RAM
6 TB of absurd SSD speed
3x 1080 ti’s
Small, quiet case (if that’s important to anybody- it just happened to be the case that I had)

Total price for that machine is around $5300 at the moment. Absolutely destroys the $6000 Mac Pro in performance.

The Mac Pro that would be close to that is estimated to be somewhere around $25,000.

Also keep in mind they are charging $1000 for the stand for the $5000 display.

I don’t understand their value proposition at all.


I would have settled for nVidia supported drivers and no new hardware.


Can we please stop about this 1000 dollar stand. I read you get a regular stand with the monitor. If you want this superspecial absurd expensive stand you can buy it. Or just use an ordinary Vesa stand.

Whatever one thinks to this Mac Pro, Apple is for sure back in the Pro business. So that means other hard- and software will stay or might even come back to the Mac. So that is good news for non Mac Pro users too.


And yes, nVidia drivers were on top of my Wishlist too. But nobody said there will be no nVidia drivers in due time. So there is a still a tiny bit of hope.


Why? it’s a stupendous stand, $1000 is a bargain: It was designed with pros in mind.
Unlike questionable PC stands, The Pro Stand® will hold your Pro Display® just the way you like it: If front of you.
I’ll take two dozens ma’am.


People can buy what they want. I don’t see the need to go Tribal about it.

Why are humans so bent on “us versus them.”

The new Mac looks beautiful to me. I love the design and sense they are finally getting serious again about pro creatives. Apple is talking C4d and Octane and Redshift this week, which is a good sign. THIS IS GOOD FOR ALL OF US.

As for me…I’m glad I made the decision to leave Mac. I hope to perhaps build a new monster 3d PC workstation next year…and my hunch is that will compete favorably against the new Mac. Even if I had $25,000 to spend on a dream system…which I don’t…I’d opt for a Windows system. But that’s me.

We all have different sensibilities, preferences and priorities…and budgets.


Well said. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on this new machine. Yes, I wish it supported Nvidia cards, and yes I wish it was cheaper (I’m dreading going through the BTO options). But I’ve been a Mac user for decades and, well, I’m just not going to change now.

Feels like exciting times ahead for everyone.


Well said Mate.
I was a mac user for 20 years as professional Graphic

designer and started the 3D/CG phase of my career, with

C4D on the mac.
I still use C4D,After Affects CS and Final cut pro(obviously),
on My Old Mac.

I also own two PC’s

I have not fully embraced the whole GPU rendering paradigm
as of yet
so for me switching to Windows was largely fomented by
my need to use certain permanent license ,windows only

software in my Character animation pipeline
(Iclone pro and the venerable Natural Motion Endorphin)

However If I had $6-$10,000 USD to buy new All hardware
I would still be an uber specced windows PC.

Still is good to see the C4D/Mac Guys finally given a
powerful new hardware option for their OS of choice.


Can we please stop about this 1000 dollar stand. I read you get a regular stand with the monitor.

There is no stand included with the $6000 monitor