New Mac Mini plus Nvidia eGPU viable Workstation?


Well, the Mac mini doesn’t have a GPU at all.

And to add it would mean adding multiple eGPU enclosures each with their own additional power supply. So while it might manage heat, it would suck for additional power draw.

On top of that, they ship with Mojave installed, which doesn’t support nVidia. :frowning:


Exactly my point. Making it viable for CPU rendering (albeit not the most economical solution), but not so much for GPU


I didn’t say they wouldn’t arrive only that they wouldn’t arrive soon. :wink:

NVIDIA has been pretty evasive about it IMO. Instead of flat-out saying “we’ll continue to provide beta / web drivers for 10.14 but it will be 2019 before they’re ready,” (or something like that), they’re saying things like “we’re working on it but Apple controls all the drivers” (implication being that it’s Apple’s fault there are no web drivers, which is untrue). Apple only sanctions drivers for those GPUs that are sold / were sold originally with a given Mac.

Every driver for every other card has always been purely NVIDIA sanctioned and unofficial. So that’s why I said there’s no sign we’ll get any 10.14 drivers soon. That and if you look at how often they were releasing updated drivers for 10.12 and 10.13 in recently months, clearly something is different now. They’re just not saying what it is. To me the evasiveness suggests they’re having problems or otherwise not giving it priority right now. Otherwise they would probably say something like “we’re testing the first batch of 10.14 drivers now and will be available via the usual means in the near future.”