NEW LOOK of this site. Do you like it?


Thanks we are fixing this now


I do not receive the notification emails for new answers, for example in this thread.


<Point2> - preformatted text
< Point2> - plain text with space after opening angle bracket
- plain text without space after opening angle bracket. Text is gone
Is it a feature or a bug?

btw. Shouldn’t plaint text and preformatted text have same background colors?


Yeah, I see the alternate background on many old or archived posts, it’s a bit confusing since you don’t know if it’s citing another post or something else.


At the bottom of thos thread you can switch from tracking to watching

Tracking only notifies you if someone replies to your comment

Watching notifies you to any update or comment


I love the new update, I really like how simple and clean it is. Its not dark so its easier to read everything and nothing is blasting in your face. Tet could be a tad bigger but overall I love it.


Th login issue is now like: I have to reset password to login whenever I have to login to site.


Does this issue exist only for forum? You mentioned that you had to login from cgsociety main site. Does login from main site still work successfully for you?


when I try to login from forum a red bar appears on top right which says “Click to close”.
when I try to login from cgsociety main pagesame red bar says “invalid email or password”.
I can only login via forgot password email.


Sniper, would it be possible to separate the main forum topics from subforum ones (like Maxscript etc.). It’s a big mess as far as I’m concerned, which I thought was going to be resolved last week. Right now they’re all listed in the main 3ds max forum and to be honest it’s not an improvement over the old forum, quite the opposite.

The problem is that thread titles might be very specific or (non-specific) but sometimes only make sense in a certain context or a subforum. If they were visible only it the respective subforum, it would make it much easier to help users with questions, or discuss things. Thank you.


I really hope that the links in old posts that lead to other posts/threads in maxscript subforum are going to be repaired some day.


Serjah please link so we know what links your referring to.

We are working on log in issues so please make sure to post as much detail as you can sow we can replicate your errors

Browser. Are you logging into a new account old account or registering. Etc


I didn’t save the broken link, unfortunately. Checked browser history, but no luck.
It would be great if some sort of automation could check all the cross-thread links for validity.


For log in issues please post here


Also have often problems to login here, geting an error mesage “something went wrong”.


Another neat feature of the updated forum is that you can’t copy to clipboard any search results text unless you open the post. Ok.
And when you try to open it you end up in the end of the thread :rofl:


Text/Background contrast is a bit too hard.

After browse this forum a while, my eyes got some black lines appear even when I look away (like what happened if we looking too long at the bright light)

Hope the contrast is softer, like these Material themes


What are notifications for? You get something like “@user replied to your post” but you can’t know to which post, nor link to it. It’s absurd.

I don’t know how it goes for other subforums, but this one, the way we used it for, is in great danger with this new forum version.
I could be writing ten extrange behaviors by day. But I feel it’s not worth it. Do what you can to enhance it, please.


Same here. I wish the initial site errors and oddities would be finally resolved but for some reason I’m seeing the same issues like on day 1, except for the login problem.

Please admins, the entire max forum is a mess. It takes a lot of time to wade through the topics to tell whether they’re general questions or maxscript related etc. I don’t feel like I want to contribute to this mess and it looks like generally the activity has decreased a lot, this thread has the most activity which says a lot. This used to be a busy place most of the time, now it’s just a confusing mess and so far I see zero benefits from the forum switch.


Plus I don’t even see the notifications when in any thread (like this one), if I scroll up, the header appears for a split second when previous replies are loading and then disappears again, repeat this a few times, then I finally reach the top of the page and can click the header…

For some reason, I also get notifications that I posted something - well, I already know since I obiously posted that…

And I have a message notification that doesn’t go away, every time I go to conversations it’s timestamped ‘now’, yet it’s from 17h September. I can’t seem to delete the mesaage nor the conversation either.

And when I go to this threead from the forum main page, I get ‘Oops - Error 500’`