NEW LOOK of this site. Do you like it?


Also have often problems to login here, geting an error mesage “something went wrong”.


Another neat feature of the updated forum is that you can’t copy to clipboard any search results text unless you open the post. Ok.
And when you try to open it you end up in the end of the thread :rofl:


Text/Background contrast is a bit too hard.

After browse this forum a while, my eyes got some black lines appear even when I look away (like what happened if we looking too long at the bright light)

Hope the contrast is softer, like these Material themes


What are notifications for? You get something like “@user replied to your post” but you can’t know to which post, nor link to it. It’s absurd.

I don’t know how it goes for other subforums, but this one, the way we used it for, is in great danger with this new forum version.
I could be writing ten extrange behaviors by day. But I feel it’s not worth it. Do what you can to enhance it, please.


Same here. I wish the initial site errors and oddities would be finally resolved but for some reason I’m seeing the same issues like on day 1, except for the login problem.

Please admins, the entire max forum is a mess. It takes a lot of time to wade through the topics to tell whether they’re general questions or maxscript related etc. I don’t feel like I want to contribute to this mess and it looks like generally the activity has decreased a lot, this thread has the most activity which says a lot. This used to be a busy place most of the time, now it’s just a confusing mess and so far I see zero benefits from the forum switch.


Plus I don’t even see the notifications when in any thread (like this one), if I scroll up, the header appears for a split second when previous replies are loading and then disappears again, repeat this a few times, then I finally reach the top of the page and can click the header…

For some reason, I also get notifications that I posted something - well, I already know since I obiously posted that…

And I have a message notification that doesn’t go away, every time I go to conversations it’s timestamped ‘now’, yet it’s from 17h September. I can’t seem to delete the mesaage nor the conversation either.

And when I go to this threead from the forum main page, I get ‘Oops - Error 500’`


OK, one month has passed. Where are we?

  • Where can I find the threads I’ve opened?
  • Where can I find my posts?
  • Where can I find all other user’ posts?
  • Where can I find how many threads has some user started?
  • Where can I find how many posts has some user posted?
  • Where can I find how many likes has some user?
  • Can I know who is online?
  • How can I find posts by user?


What I find funny is that you can’t access forum top menu without scrolling thread up till the beginning :slight_smile:


– How can I know real user names?
– How can I know where user from?

if they don’t want to hide this info of course…


Also I would like to know that a specific user on or off line


Another issue is that some CODE blocks that initially contained angle brackets now show &gt and &lt as thier html substitues


Most of these issues will be addressed when advanced search starts up. We are still in migration amd bug phase at the moment and as you probably noticed when vbullitien stopped updating a lot of new software didn’t integrate these features so they have to be custom coded. Its on the books but we don’t have a timeline for launching it other than to say its important to us as well


You can you just have to click the top date on the scroll bar to go to the top or bottom. Not exactly intuitive. If your on mobile there’s a page count at the bottom


The fields are there on profiles to enter name and location if they are not visible its a users choice


User online status indicators are planned with advanced search as well. We have a small team of programmers so unfourtanetly things will take us considerable time but we are in a continuous update mode so things are be worked on monthly.

Let us know what you want and need and we will continue to work on updates. Phase 1 is migration and bugs which we have about 60 to 90 hours left of before moving to the the next stage. Your request may not be directly next but they do get listed when spots are available for updates


Also searching stuff on googlo now gets rather confusing, try searching for ‘CGTalk Real time refresh/upgrade rollout background’. You get this:

But clicking the link takes you here:

Also, I have trouble logging in on several computers, different browsers, so I just frequent cgtalk less now.


So do I.
Searching is now practically useless. And it was, by far, the most important thing for programmers.


The visual “improvements” are terrible and the functionality is even worse.


Does anyone know how to edit a post posted few months ago?


can you restrict search to a particular forum ? otherwise the site is next to useless