new in messiah


Yes. Depth, Color, ObjectID, Spec, Shadow, Surface Normals, Color, Diffuse etc.

Whats even cooler is the RenderGroups that allow you to do things like Light listing. . . quickly turn objects on and off so you can render in passes very easily.


Hi interesting… :deal:

is there any tutorial on the web regarding that pass rendering? :wip:


Yes actually. I made a pretty good one. Its not available yet though. Soon. Very very soon.


Hi…one problem :wip:

How can I link the flex curve to the joint or something like. Actually I want flex curve stick with the mesh. So that I can use the slider(which is taking the keyframe information of the flex curve) and want to do the add manual keyframing too.

Is it posible? PLEASE! help me guys :curious:


You can parent any point of a curve to anything. bones, Nulls etc.


I did parenting the flex curve to the bone, and the result was double deformation. What I need to do eactly, parent the curve point instead of curve itself? :blush:


Sorry…i think blender will be better choice for my new project. :sad:

Atleast I know it better and will think about messiah for rendering or latter animation project.



not sure confused :hmm: :argh: :argh: :argh:

NOPE…in messiah I think :drool:


Wegg, “Fear not my friend. . . the next version is just around the corner.” Will this next upgrade be free or a paid upgrade for 3.0 owners?


I don’t know the particulars but I don’t believe it will be free.


Man, any hints or preview of the next one

Its beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem so long!


Wegg, some relase date or something… :wink: I know a couple of people that are waiting for any info regarding messiah…
Happy Easter!


The day after its ready is the day it will get released. A few bad glitches just got resolved, there are a few things to tighten up and screw down and we should be good to go. But these things are very organic. . . its just not possible to throw up an arbitrary date because. . . then we would anger more people than please when/if we don’t deliver.


So what can you reveal feature wise?


Hair dynamics! :slight_smile:

If you are serious about finding out. . . click the chat button on SetupTab. A lot of the developers for the new features are in there openly talking about what it is they are working on and. . . I tend to have diarrhea of the mouth. . . so come play! :slight_smile:


How many developers are there? I thought there were only 3?


Things change. :slight_smile:


it’s here! v4 has arrived!


Ok come to the point guys…I started this thread as a new guy, and after some days I’ve started my first rigging in messiah. During this process I’ve just only one question for now…please!!!

How can I align an object with another? :banghead:


Your first freebee. :arteest:


nope, actually i know it. I wanted mean something different. Like align an object with another to get the same location in setup mode.
what i do now to place a null(assume it) manually in a specific location, and obviously it’s time taking but not perfect.