new in messiah


Hi all,
I’m new in messiah. Messiah 3 is looks good to me and I wanted to learn this. But I like to know one thing before I start.

  1. Is messiah still progressing or stopped? Because messiah 3 was released quite before.
  2. what about it’s community? Is it help full to learn from you guys?


Hi bubai,

welcome to the messiah world! To answer your questions:

  1. The development of messiah is progressing “slowly but surely”. There are other 3D apps with a much bigger development team and much more active public relations, but messiah has a very strong foundation, so you will be happily using it for many more years.
  2. The community is small but helpful. There is also the other forum and a dedicated chat group.


Thanks, man…:thumbsup:


start from here…

  1. How can I referencing an object or rig in messiah?
    I mean like make a rig in seperate file, then referencing that rig in a new scene. So when will modify the rig then all the animation file will be modified. :curious:
  2. How to make stretchy IK in messiah? :blush:


Referencing is something we have in the beta of the next release of messiah. Not currently in 3.

There are lots of ways to make stretchy arms. . . I can’t. . . think of any tutorials out there off the top of my head that show it though. Maybe its something I’ll try and tackle.


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Then how it can be use for production??? If I can’t make any assets. :banghead:


Fear not my friend. . . the next version is just around the corner.

Plus. . . messiah has been used in productions for many MANY years. I have personally been involved in many of them. Referencing is helpful but certainly not the lynch pin that holds production together. :slight_smile:


But when it’ll come :bounce:


To bad there isn’t a demo version of Messiah 3.


So I’ve heard “FBX support” mentioned by some folks as a rumor for the next version. Can someone official verify this? Messiah would make a nice Motionbuilder alternative.


I . . . wouldn’t get your hopes up on that one. Collada would be more likely. There are people on #Messiah3D on IRC that have discussed what would be needed for that to happen but it. . . didn’t happen. Within messiah you can export out all bone and weight information at any time so its not an impossible task to someone who wants to dive in and do it themselves. . .


In regards to referencing can’t you save a rig/armature/etc into the F5 area?


Maya guys can externally reference a scene file for everything. So if you were to change the texture on a character. . . all the scene files that use that character would be automatically updated saving heaps of time.

Its cool but as I said. . . not a huge problem if you don’t have it. You just have to be more careful about your process.


Not like that, referencing helps to work in production together, so anyone don’t need to wait for completing the task from other artist. :deal:


You won’t be disappointed.


Two things more…

  1. How fast is messiah renderer? compare to lightwave and modo. Or it’ll be a good choice that animate in messiah but render in lightwave.

  2. I can’t find a solution that how I can deselect any thing without selecting other one. Just deselect! :smiley:


In Messiah you always have something selected. It may feel funny but you’ll get used to it.


oppsss…it’s a big fun then. :applause: :rolleyes:


I have found messiah’s renderer to be much faster than lightwave’s and have done a bazillion tests to prove it. I don’t own Modo so I can’t do any direct comparisons there but. . . layers don’t even come close to the power of nodes in the creating of great looking materials. . . so I think messiah wins there as well.

I have a very biased opinion. But I know I’m right. :cool:


Hi one thing more please!
is pass rendering possible in messiah? :stuck_out_tongue: