New guy; looking for Informational Interview


Hello everybody. My name is Jesse Allen and I am new here. I am an animation student at Westwood College on-line and I learned of this site through them. So far, I really like what I am seeing here.

Ok, so here’s my situation. This May, I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Animation. So that means I am pretty much wrapping things up at school with two classes that are basically classes that are meant to facilitate the transition between student and actual, working professional. One of those classes is a “portfolio and business practices” class, and so far so good on that one.

The other class I am taking is a “career management” class. This one is a bit more of a challenge for me because I’ve never had what you would call a “real job” (I have a lot of physical problems that kind of prevent me from doing your basic, manual labor and/or standing on your feet all day jobs; it’s a bit of a long story and I will probably get around to that later). Thus, I have not really done too much of that career stuff (i.e. writing resumes/cover letters, filling out applications, going in for interviews, etc.). This is all pretty new to me and a bit overwhelming to say the least. One of my biggest problems is finding good contacts in my intended fields of work and study; and this is a very large part of most of my assignments in this class.

That leads me to my main point. For an assignment due at the end of next week, I need to do 3 “informational interviews”. I have one guy that I know who runs a local video production company that I plan to interview. So that’s one down. I had another person who works for this tech company that has all kinds of different clients that they work for; kind of iffy on that one, but I at least got a couple numbers I can call. So I was wondering if there was anyone here that would be willing to help me out by letting me interview them. In general, I am, of course, interested in anyone who is, or ever has, done any kind of work in the animation industry. I am also very interested in, and have done some studying about, audio/video editing for films. I would also like to learn more about doing actual CGI effects for films. That would also be great. For the most part, though, I plan on working as a freelance artist after graduation, doing whatever I feel I am qualified for (such as basic, graphic design, 2D animation/Flash animation, possibly some simple web design work, or maybe some basic 3D modeling and animation). Therefore, I would really like to do an informational interview with anyone who has done a lot of freelance work in any of the fields I have mentioned here; or anything that is related to these fields. I am only required to ask about 6 questions and it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to do the interview.

So if there is anyone on here that could help me out with this, then I would be very grateful. I am still very new to this board, but I am pretty sure there is some way to send messages to people on here, right? That would be one way to get in touch with me if you would like to help me out. You could also maybe e-mail me directly at

I look forward to getting to know everyone here better and will probably do a more complete introduction of myself elsewhere on here. For now, though, I’ve got some business to take care of.

Thank you for your time,
Jesse Allen


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