New greetings to an old 3D graduate and recent 3D job-seeker


Greetings all! I figured I’d come on and introduce myself. I’m Shiloh, a graduate of The Art Institutes in 2009. I studied to be a 3D Artist in their Game Art and Design program, focusing my studies on texturing and 3D modeling. I dipped my feet into sculpting as well but was still hazy on the use of Zbrush.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been learning Zbrush through the help of Gnomon, finally feeling more comfortable with it. My experience includes a few freelance volunteer gigs working on mods of HL2 and UT3. However, a professional position was landed in 2018 with an automotive data company as a 3D Artist rendering 3D visualizations for vehicle accessories. Part of me believes I landed this gig since I knew the supervisor personally as I went to art school with him. I sadly lost my job due to the company losing the contract with the client we were working with, so my position was no longer needed. This was earlier this year (2023) in January.

I’ve been working on my portfolio, learning through Gnomon and YouTube new skills, attempting to stay relevant in the field and stay educated in my craft. I’ve been searching for positions in the field since and have had very little luck in landing even an interview. Numerous places I’ve applied for (both remote and local) send back emails like “we will not be proceeding with your candidacy”, or “we have chosen someone with skills which more closely align with those required for the position.”

After landing a professional position as a 3D Artist previously and successfully working it for more than four years, receiving these rejection emails hits hard and drains my will to continue this profession and my self-confidence. I know I’m not “new” to the industry. I thought to myself, maybe I should obtain some peer review? This is the major point I’m posting here for, and something I know I should have done while I was in school to better build my skills.

So, after this long and drawn-out post, I’m requesting constructive criticism in my website, work, or skills in this industry. If this could be had, I feel it would be very helpful and I would be incredibly grateful.

TL:DR version: Peer review and constructive criticism for an old 3D graduate with four years professional experience having difficulty obtaining a position in the industry again.

My Portfolio website