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Round up time:

gmask – Yes, there are many basic skills and tricks that can be applied to any image to improve it’s impact no matter what the content of the image is – character based, abstract, technical or environment. Certainly there is always the underlying story that the image is meant to convey – “why the heck was this image made to begin with? … does it achieve those goals?” Just making people focus on that alone will often improve wheir work.

Arwooki – Yes, emotions are hard. Soon I will add a bit of a challenge here to see who can portray a single word like bliss, impatience, annoyance, disgust, amusment, coy, sly, betrayal, pious, pouting, etc… Not easy at all! BUt of you don’t know what you are trying to achieve then you will never get there – and there are ways (and reference material) to achieve these things.

imphead – right on :slight_smile: … there is a lot that can be taught. Both on the analysis and creative side. This has nothing to do with personal style. It’s all about building on the natural talent you already have.


Great idea! This forum is just what the CG industry’s been missing lots of years already. :thumbsup:

Hopefully it’ll help artists to produce works full of emotions. Who knows… Maybe the wide masses will start saying “wow… that’s art” instead of (along with) “oh, that looks like real”. :slight_smile:


How excellent, I think this is a good idea also. I think that you could never ever put enough emphasis on this particular aspect of artwork, that’s great that you have had a look at current art work and decided to have a go with this forum. It will no doubt help a lot of people, including myself :slight_smile:

I am considering entering some artwork, to give this forum a test drive :wink: Hopefully it will put the fourm to good use.

About the fanboy stuff… Cgtalk is just as cool with people who say roxors and stuff, because it’s definitely a positive message. Sure half of it comes from people who think almost anything roxors, but it’s better than “That sucks” sort of things :slight_smile: I’m by no means encouraging lots of it though, I’m a firm believer that focused opinions are more helpful than DUDE, THAT RO><ORS! hehe.

roxory forum idea anyhow :smiley:



Art is at it’s core simply and bridge between *artist and viewer. The strength of the connection made is reliant on any number of factors, including but not limited to technical execution of the piece, subject matter etc. That coupled with the interests and experiences of the viewer goes to establish the strength of the connection.

That would be design & craft…

Emotional content is just another factor that helps bridge that gap.

Now it has the possibility of becoming ‘Art’

including but not limited to
… is this legal talk?

*replace with the appropriate noun of your choosing…



hey Mark

I’m sorry I make a mistake.
I know your meaning now.
Thank you for your idea and help,MARK.


First off all Id like to congratulate the cg-community to this great new forum. I read the article by Dr. Snoswell and the FAQs but one point is unclear to me. As I understand, this forums critique should help to maximise an artworks impression on the viewer. I am developing a new corporate design at work for another company and this job is the most important one i ever had yet.
Corporate design LIVES by the feelings of a viewer / customer. they (most) instinctively decide whether the want to start a business connection or not.
So, the effect is most important.
And that is my question: Is EVOCATIVE the right place for me to discuss about the cds development or not ? As i said - this job is really important and i cant even say if i can post everything. If its not the right one please don`t feel offended and delete the post.
thanks in forward


I think this is an excellent idea.

Whilst there is no doubt, I find technical help useful, the “final push” for me is how to make an image ‘feel right’.

Turning a nice ‘product’ shot of a room, into an atmospheric one.
The room becomes homely, or sinister based on the mood.

Looking forward to seeing how it pans out.


Great! it’s that what was missing on CgTalk, feeling been portrait is the goal of every one called artist, and if it was easy, the front page would be thumbnails only.


Hehe, sorry, but from my experience, corporate design lives by how much money was pumped into marketing and branding. And I have serious doubts about any design being able to pull a shrewd businessman into a business connection on its own merit. Of course you can always find a sucker who would be impressed with a letterhead, but that doesn’t sound like the audience you are going for.

Don’t let marketing people tell you they failed because the logo you designed wasn’t “emotional” enough. Kick them in the balls for me if they do and tell them to work harder next time :slight_smile:

Just pay attention to basic color theory, proportions, and common sense marketing principles and your designs will turn out just fine.

As a very simple experiment, try this: pick up any corporate design (brochure, letterhead, etc) from a company you don’t know and never heard of before and see if you get a strange emotional “pull” to give them your money and do business with them. :slight_smile:

I rest my case.

  • Shadowrover


Oops, forgot to mention, if you really want that account, find out anything you possibly can about the tastes of the decision-maker: what car he/she drives, clothes, what he/she likes and dislikes. Design accordingly. You can’t please everyone and no matter how sound your designs are it’s all going to boil down to your potential customer liking your work.

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate design, where he who has the biggest wallet is the one who will make or break your design.

There, now I can’t be accused of being unhepful. :slight_smile:

Best of luck,

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I applaud CGTalk for the creation of this forum.

For too long, CG has been judged on Technical skill alone. If the work produces an emotion - then it has served it’s purpose.

Let the good-times roll!


That would be design & craft…

True they are, but they still go towards making a connection. Things like tilting the camera, destroying tangents layering elements, picking colors, etc. are all important aspects of creating an image that is attractive to look at, outside of being emotionally moving. My point was that the emotional content of a piece is an important, oft times over looked, aspect of making good art.

Now it has the possibility of becoming ‘Art’

Even without the emotional content, it’s got a “possiblity of becoming art”. However without the emotional push it’s got far less chance of becoming a powerful, moving and effective piece of art.

… is this legal talk?

No, it’s a conjunction.

*replace with the appropriate noun of your choosing…

Okay… *potato-sack.


Good idea!


Man, I’m gone for a day and what do I miss? (Not like studying for that test helped much)

I think it’s great that you made this forum, and it will certainly help out all of us. What many people complaining here seem to forget, is that you can submit your image to more than one gallery, and focus on different aspects of the image in different threads.

Great job, guys! This one is going to fun to browse as well…


this will be my favorite forum for my future works! i love how cgtalk thinks of everything!


oh HELL yes


oh HELL yes


Originally posted by Protoplasma
First off all Id like to congratulate the cg-community to this great new forum. ... Corporate design LIVES by the feelings of a viewer / customer. they (most) instinctively decide whether the want to start a business connection or not. ... And that is my question: Is EVOCATIVE the right place for me to discuss about the cds development or not ?

thanks in forward

Yes you can post here – but, you would have to give quite a bit of contect about your customer, the market they are in, the current image fassion for the market and what their goals are.

Actually – its really far more a design excercise than an artistic endeavour… because… In corporate work you are really heavily constrained by all the factors I just mentioned. … and worst of all is (often) an uneducated and unresonable client who thinks they know more than anyone else when in fact they know far less.


And here I was just a couple days ago starting a thread in General Discussions talking about how CGtalk is all technical and never gets into the emotional/creative side of things… I was starting to feel not only truly saddened that it was so left out, but actually afraid to mention those aspects of my own work, since there seemed to be no place here for it to be appreciated…

No more! Now this is what I’m talkin about! Boo-yah!


Though I really enjoyed the extremely well-written article, I think i’m pretty much the only one who thinks this is a bad idea. You mustn’t seperate emotional/evocative art from just a well rendered 2d paiting or 3d model. Sure i agree that the two are totally different, but if you’re gonna make an entire forum for it you’re pretty much only gonna get angsty teens trying to be deep, and often with poorly made art (sorry if i sound a bit elitist there). I wonder if anyone agrees with me on this, and even if anyone actually reads until this page instead of just commenting to say its a great idea.