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Howdy everyone,

We’ve just started a new CGTalk forum called “Evocative”, which Mark Snoswell talks about in detail here:
Read the article

In a nutshell, Evocative is a serious, focused critique forum for everyone to learn how to present or ‘evoke’ emotion in your existing artwork.

Before posting, please read the article to get a better understanding of what this forum is for.




Hi Mark

I think this is an interesting article and I think it worth emphasizing the point that pictures are enhanced when they provoke some sort of emotion in the viewer.

But, I also think that in 3D it should be possible to admire a model for its own sake, i.e. its shape and form, proportion etc. without feeling that it must necessarily be textured, put into scene, tell a story or whatever.

Expose 1 does have one or two models that are not textured and in a way I don’t think the car (and architectural) renders that appear are intended to evoke any particular emotion, except maybe admiration for their realism and the skill that has gone into doing them. I hope that Expose 2 will also have a place for such models and renders.

Best regards

Alex Rooth


eyyy very good idea this forum. This one’s gonna be one hell of an inspiration source for me.

consider me subscribed :smiley:


This is definetly a forum I will get new wallpapers off :smiley:

one thing, I doubt that many will actually post here to begin with so it would be great if mods would move extremely inspiring and well done works from the wip forum to this one, just to get this one started


This is THE place for people to hone their skills in creating truly stunning imagery – images that have great artistic and commercial value!

It will get every bit of attention that I can give it to help people hone their skills. Dramatically improve the appeal of your work – and you stand a way better chance of getting published in in film, TV and of course books like EXPOSÉ 2.



Ahh great… another freaking forum for me to spend too much time checking… no really this is a great idea and I hope that it helps to improve the “art” of my work and the community as a whole. Good idea Mark!


excellent should be an invaluable resourse


I hope there will be a lot of input soon wherefrom i can learn to improve my pictures =)
Good idea, I hope people will use it a lot


hey Mark I agree more with you

I’m sorry I make a mistake.I know your meaning now.
Thank you for your idea and help,MARK :wink:


Hi … I hope you’re all starting by reading the article and not just jumping in and engaging your mouths before brains :wink:

Read the article


mmm hehe cool, I was wondering what that maintanance break was, happening at this time of night in Australia… :wink:

I’m really looking forward the seeing the new images and reading the comments in this forum (/me subscribes in anticipation), it’s sounds like a great way to get some variation from the mostly technical style of critiques in the forums :wink:

(hey, it’d be cool if there was a button or something to move your thread in between the forums to try and control the type of feedback you received for different stages of the work… so you could work on technical aspects of a model in the WIP or focussed critique forum, and then move the thread over to here for more artistic crits).

hmm, and the way the main CGTalk page has been recatagorised looks neat too :wink:


I’m greatly looking forward to seeing the work submitted here for critique :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind that this forum, like the Focused Crits forum, will be heavily moderated - the purpose of this forum is to make great work even more fabulous, so that means no rabble, guys!

Now let’s make some art :smiley:


lately i have been running out of good ideas and been wondering why i haven’t been creative. after reading this article of yours i realized that i have been stuck in that technical world (oh man i gotta makesomething that looks really cool hdri this and global gi that)…but i always had no idea what to make…and NOW after reading this, at this moment, alot of ideas just sparked in my head… i have written them and drawn them on paper already…but i just want to say thank you for that intro article, because it opened up my creativity again. :slight_smile:


Great idea to create a forum, which gives you the time that you
can express your feelings.I agree with evreyrthing.


Seems like a good idea to fight the 'Hey, you just press some buttons on that computer and pretty pictures come out’mis-conception but I’m a bit confused - is there a forum order we should be posting images to get critiqued? What I mean is, is it o.k. to post an image on this forum without first posting it anywhere else on cgtalk or would you rather people submitted the picture to ‘focused critiques’ first to get the tecnical issues ironed out?

I assume once it’s been through this forum, a piece would go to it’s relative 2D or 3D ‘Finished Works’ forum?

And another question (sorry, just trying to get this stuff clear in my head) will front page plugs come from this forum or just the ‘finished works’ forums?

Basically what I’m getting at is will this forum and the ‘finished’ forums operate in parallel and independant to each other or serially as part of a process.

I think that’s it for today…=]-


This is perfect timing and will be of great use for all of us working on the Alienware contest!


personally i think how a single given artist expresses him/her self in thier work is a form of art in it self. thus making this forum really bleek but it will help some no doubt so by all means go forth with it.

interesting idea.


Originally posted by Alex_Rooth
Hi Mark

But, I also think that in 3D it should be possible to admire a model for its own sake, i.e. its shape and form, proportion etc. without feeling that it must necessarily be textured, put into scene, tell a story or whatever.
Alex Rooth

True – there is a place for sheer technical excellence, no question… but that’s not in short supply. It’s the very soul of the image we are concerned with here. It’s all about how an image reaches out and says something to the viewer.

Even the most technical images can be enhanced when presented with the correct “mood” lighting, and in the right environment. I should post an example of some architectural images and note the things you can do to make even these quite evocative!


See, this is exactly why I love CGTalk,always trying to improve upon itself in order to help users advance themselves into creative and, more important, Solid artists.

This is definitely gonna be the Forum where I am gonna post my latest project which a select few have allready seen{ey leigh ;)]

also, that article alone made me rethink one or two things about my final still.

excellent guys.

big thumbs up.



So how’s this forum going to differ from the “focused critique” section. I mean that was started with great intents and then after being around for 6 months, posts like “dude that’s awesome” or “whoa r0x0rs dude” are still the norm. People don’t post 3/4 views, wireframes, or even software the piece was created in. We get submissions like a website and the author chooses still not to say what they want critiqued. Did that forum serve it’s purpose?

But I have just seen the answer to the problems addressed with the Focused Critique forum, and here it is, just make another forum, call it a snappy name and say you’ll moderate it heavily…

Really guys, I think we just need to crack down on these people who don’t follow rules, a little warning here/there just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Any suggestions?