***** New Feature *****


As it’s been rather painful to move images up and down in the gallery, you’ll notice that now you can drag and drop images in to re-order them.

I’ve tested it in IE, Firefox and Opera, it seems very slow in opera however.

You can always resort to the shifting up and down arrows if it’s not working on your browser.

Also, at the moment, the numbers don’t change untill you refresh the page, but it should make managing your gallery a lot quicker :slight_smile:



You are da man! Rock! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Wow, that’s so cool! Works well here in IE :slight_smile:

However, when I click the show in gallery text it just jumps to the page I’m already on, and the arrows cursor stays the same when I hover over the up/down arrows, edit text link or checkbox.


Now that is pretty friggin sweet. Dude, you are rockin it like a Moroccanette.

(okay, that rhyme might have been stretching things, I’ll admit)


That’s awesome! I was wishing last night that I could drag my images around :thumbsup:


Whoa. That’s a pretty handy feature. I should really get more than one image up so I can start using it. :wink:



[Duff man]Oooh yeah![/Duff man]

That’s a very slick feature. Works perfect (Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 here)



Great stuff!


o wow, really cool

thx ant!



That’s cool…:thumbsup:


haha, me too… antrent is also a mind reader it seems… thanks!


awesome indeed :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the hard work!


thanks antrent for this :smiley:


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