New Comic Strip..


Hey all,

Hope this is the right place in the forum for this.

The Short Story. Created a strip ten years ago. Finally decided to do something with it this year. Got it copyrighted. Currently in the process of reworking all surviving 150 strips to put together in a book that’s going to be published by Cafe Press.

Strip is about three brothers who live in NJ. Ones a bus Driver/DJ by trade, the other drifts from Job to Job and one is a TV Exec.

Here’s one of the earlier strips I was wondering if I could get opinions on as far as jokes go. I know the art isn’t really that great, but I’m curious as to what everyone thinks of the idea of the strip…

This particular strip is a parody of those ‘how to Think Australian’ beer commercials and the idea for it originates from my Floridian relatives. Everytime they come up in the summer, they think anything under 90 means it’s time to bring out the long sleeves… :).



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