New character animation plugin for C4D soon


Here what can do in 3DsMax. In web page says for Cinema 4D already this month.

[New Plugin] - IKMAX for Cinema 4D! Auto-Rig

Thanks for the heads up. Looks super easy.


Looks cool and all - but how well does it translate to the CA-Object’s modular Hierachy?
I’m more interested in heat-skinning than a complete solution, personally - will it be possible to have heat-skinning and transfer that to my custom CA-Object rig?



Looks great. It also appears to be a standard biped solution only, without much customization. Which will be great for me, because I could never fully wrap my brain around C4D’s rigging tools. Perhaps this can be my gateway drug to finally get into CA, later leading to use of the CA-Object.


Don’t know mp-grafix , i just found out and posted since i know some here have to use other tools to do character animation. Also since C4D version is not released yet i think only we can get a peak of how it works then.

Maybe you should mail the developer, it might even help accelerate development.


Looks very interesting more so it shrink wraps clothing, and allows to import and export Mocap data.

I think especially for those who dont own C4D studio its a blessing, and now Ornatrix hair system is in beta for C4D it makes C4D as a platform to own such tools even more appealing if you cant afford C4D Studio. Would be interesting to see if this plugin expands to quadruped rigs.