New C4D plugin Q-TILE-PRO|surface engine / can be used in any engine RS/Corona/V-Ray/Octane/


Dear C4D users,

we are c4d archviz artist ourselves since like 20+ years, and i am very happy & proud to be able to announce the release 1.0 of our new tool for C4D artists, the “Q-TILE PRO | surface engine”.

It is a mighty new artist driven c4d native plugin, which enables you to do ANY tile shapes or repeating surfaces, with ANY kind of variations, in easy ways!
In addition it lets you make perfect non tiled, structure less surfaces, like asphalt, concrete, plaster, etc in a few clicks, which never show the usual un-wished repeating structures, we often see in even seamless texture use!

It works with the internal #c4d engine, and direct within #corona, #vray, #redshift, #Octane, or via included auto-baking also in any other cpu or gpu engine, cloud or standalone renderer.
the plugin is made by our team

see detailed info on our pages:


and our facebook page announcement:

this is a dream come true for me, it is a tool i always wished for myself to have in C4D.
it enables you high end surfacing, directly within C4D in unseen detail, variation and quality.
For any tiles or non tiled surfaces!
it works in the corona or rs node editor and IPRs of course, supporting c4d 19,20 and 21 for now.

hope some will like it same as we do, we use it in almost any of our projects already.
next days i also start a series of small help videos explaining the work flow, with example c4d files

best greetings
Stefan Laub
CEO/lead artist at
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Hi Stefan,

That looks awesome!
I see you mention RS. I watched the video but didn’t see a specific example using RS.

Will pick this up - I use Octane as well.


i will soon show more videos using RS and octane, as well as corona and v-ray:)
i tested rs and octane, for both i have licneses since long, and tile pro works well in them too!


we added a video for Q-TILE-PRO and Corona v5,showing both in action, with its new 2.5D displacement:)
next week more videos are coming (using V-Ray, Redshift, Octane)!



Just wanted to say a big thanks to Stefan and the programmer who compiled a special version for my old Mac (without AVX extensions) and got the plugin working. That’s some service! And Tile Pro looks pretty good too! Off to experiment…


you are welcome:)

best greetings


Where do I find my R21 ‘profile ID’ ?




It’s tiny text right at the bottom of the page. I didn’t even notice it was there until someone told me!


Thanks guys - got it!

Stefan - you might want to note on your site it says intro price until 4 December at the top of the page (1 seat price) - but then ‘until year end’ near the bottom. Which is it?


on request we extended it until end of the year. we will edit the one yet stating the 4th tomorrow, thanks for the pointer


You can also get the profile ID from within Cinema:
Menu: Extensions -> Tools -> Export Licensing Overview…

You’ll end up with a text file, which should contain all information a plugin vendor needs.



Dear All,

today we uploaded update 1 to Q-TILE-PRO with the following additions and improvements, you can load it under the link you did get when you bought the plugin. the update contains following changes:

  1. the shape library can now have any custom location on your computer, you can set the disc and folder location in the new c4d preference/tilepro settings options.

  2. imported planes can now be placed into a drawn rectangle, to define the size of import right away, this makes importing splines a lot easier.

  3. we added a button in tile shape editor to turn the live preview while drawing on or off, this helps slower computers or for drawing complex shapes.

  4. On big request we made changes to the code of the tile shape editor, to make it possible to port it to c4d r18. So Q-TILE-PRO now supports c4d r18-21!

  5. Good news for our Octane users, OTOY - thanks to Ahmet Oktar - will release an Octane C4D update very soon, maybe even tonight, with special support for Q-TILEPRO, to support any live viewing of all Q-TILEPRO parameters inside the Octane live viewer.

We hope you like our new update, if you need any help you can contact us under the email. As always we ask you to give us feedback and tell us your wishes to improve Q-TILE -PRO

best greetings,
from team


Where’s the new training video?


exporting from camtasia atm;)

2 videos come today, 1st an 55min intro how to use all settings,
and a 2nd one for the endless non repeating structureless texture/ soft path use

best greetings


Great, thanks!


The soft path option is a non brainer for me, so I bought this today. Looks really cool with all the tiling options etc.

I am at the moment working only with c4d render engine (physical). I assume that everything works also without third party renderers?

Hope to test things later this week.

Cheers, odo


Just FYI, the version Stephan demos in the vid will be released in a day or two (I have no presets or Copy Shader button). And yes that’s exactly why I bought it!


It’s an extraordinary plugin.

I was a little lost after watching the first video. Not a complaint since the plugin is quite capable, and does introduce some new procedures (paradigm?). After watching the 2nd & 3rd video, it all makes much more sense now.

Makes me wish I had more Archviz work - though I bet the plugin will have more applications outside of traditional tiling now that I understand the soft path option.

Kudos to 3D tools team.


Just think of buildings or terrain – repeated textures show up SO easily. The soft patch system will be great for detailed landscapes!